Why Website Names Will Never Be the Same

Say we’re a small firm of consultants. We call ourselves Starlight Consulting. The year is 2004. We’re launching a website to promote our company. What do we name it?

Probably starlightconsulting.com, or maybe just starlight.com. Straigh tforward, not too cumbersome. We can feel pretty good about those.

Now say it’s 2014. What do we name our website?

The Conundrum
There are two notable things about that situation. One is that our top picks from ten years ago are probably taken. If we want to play it straight, we have to settle for an awkward compound like starlightconsultingfirmusa.com. Or we can get creative (and risk confusing everyone) with something like starlightmakesyoubrighter.com. Either way, it isn’t straightforward and is fairly cumbersome.

The second notable thing is less obvious but more meaningful: our strategy for coming up with an online brand hasn’t really changed in ten years. We’re still trying to cram a bunch of words to the left of .COM. Seems like it might be time for a change.

The Lay of the Land
Over the years, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has added to the list of available domains (.INFO, .BIZ, .MUSEUM), which has helped us think outside the box a bit. But still, out of over 200 million websites today, about half end in .COM.

There is less competition with a .NET or .INFO domain, but it won’t help us to grab starlightconsulting.info. We don’t just do info. We do consulting.

In a perfect world we could just grab starlight.consulting. Right? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Yes. Yes, it would.

What Dreams May Come
Now let’s get serious for a moment. Stop pretending you’re a consultant. Be yourself. And imagine you could replace .COM with whatever you wanted. Something that describes you, that fits exactly what you do and what you want people to know. What would it be?

You know what? Whatever it is … it just might be possible.

ICANN recently approved a whole slew of discreet, descriptive domains that take us way beyond what we could ever do with an online address. Consulting firms can do their .CONSULTING. Dance teachers can hold .DANCE classes. Democrats, Republicans, engineers, lawyers, actors and more can find a domain that fits exactly what they do and what they want to share with the world.

This is good news because it opens new real estate. But more importantly, it gives us new, more customized options for branding ourselves online. And that’s why we’re going online in the first place: to tell our stories.

To learn more about these new options and how to tell your story online, download this free ebook: http://rightside.rocks/TLDebook

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