Trick or treat the Rightside way

Three hundred and sixty four days a year identity is a complicated issue. We’re constantly asking ourselves who we are, explaining what we do, and exploring what we want to do and be.

Then, for one glorious day, we throw on a pink bunny costume and voila, we’re a pink bunny. Nevermind that our parents were not pink bunnies, nevermind that we were never very good at the long jump. On Halloween you get to be exactly what and who you want.

Never got your long-awaited letter from Hogwarts? That won’t stop you from throwing on a pair of robes, grabbing a broomstick, and sorting yourself into the house of your choice. Are a can opener and microwave your cooking tools of choice? Doesn’t stop you from putting on a giant white chef’s hat and throwing around terminology you learned from watching cooking shows.

At Rightside, we consider it part of our mission to help people explore, embrace, and proclaim their identity online–whether that identity happens to be as an .ACTOR, .ATTORNEY, BAND, .DEMOCRAT, .DENTIST, .ENGINEER, .LAWYER, .NINJA, .REPUBLICAN, or .VET. So it shouldn’t come as too big a surprise that on Friday, October 30 our employees went all out–decorating their offices and cubicles, coming to work in elaborate costumes, and even dressing up their pets for the occasion.


Rightsider Acacia Krebs at Halloween
Our relatively new Director of Corporate Communications Acacia Krebs got in on the Halloween action as Rainbow Brite, protector of color and joy. Speaking of color, .BLACK, .BLUE, .GOLD, .GREEN, .PINK, and .RED web addresses are all up for grabs at your Registrar of choice.
Halloween at Rightside with DOGS
He might not be tall enough to reach your knees but Chubbs the Rightside .DOG is more than capable of saving the world.

Jeremy Huntman as the Rightside angel
Jeremy Huntman won the prize for Best (Human) Costume for his angel disguise, which he made himself.

Halloween at Rightside with CATS
Rightside had its first office cats on Friday, including Cat Cat as Wonderwoman, proving that this cat .ROCKS as hard as any Rightside dog.

Rightsider James Gallagher for Halloween as a bunny
It’s not Halloween without at least one .PINK bunny and Director of Sales James Gallagher was happy to fill that role.

Best Dog custom at Rightside Halloween
Clover went undercover as a kitty–Hello Kitty, specifically–and wound up winning the coveted Best (Pet) Costume award.
Carolyn Mitchell at Rightside Halloween
Carolyn Mitchell went all out with an awesome office and costume.
Halloween with Rightside's Carolyn Evans
Carolyn Evans’ dogs wore costumes inspired by her hackathon project.

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