Top 10 Things You Missed from ICANN 53

ICANN held its second meeting of the year in Buenos Aires, Argentina last month. Jeff Eckhaus (SVP, Market Development and Policy) and Statton Hammock (VP, Business & Legal Affairs) took the roughly 6,913-mile journey to the capital of Argentina (and overall second largest city in South America) and returned with exactly 10 pearls of wisdom which they were kind enough to share with everyone who could not make the trip:

10. The seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere so we landed in Buenos Aires in the middle of winter. Who knew?

9. New Top Level Domains (TLDs) still dominated the discussion at ICANN but now the conversation is about usage and implementation rather than asking, “When are they coming?” The two coolest examples of usage discussed were our and Donuts’ Everyone was really excited with the recent surge in brands starting to incorporate new domain names into their marketing campaigns.

8. Registrars spent a lot of time working collaboratively to help preserve our customers’ right to purchase and use Whois Privacy services. Pay a visit to Save Domain Privacy to see what we are saying.

7. There was a great deal of speculation on who the next CEO of ICANN will be and Rightside is working with our Registry and Registrar Stakeholder Groups to assist in the search process.

6. The transition of the management of the IANA functions (coordination of names and numbers) from the US Government to a community-led model is still ongoing and based on the latest plan, it will not occur for at least one more year.

5. ICANN continued its message to the effect of “We are not the Internet Content Police” letting the community know that ICANN is not the global regulator of content and illegal activity. However, ICANN will maintain its role of contractual compliance and ensure that we as registries and registrars live up to our contractual obligations.

4. The process of releasing two letter domain names that resemble country codes is still in flux and we are pushing hard for a process. The issue is that certain countries, such as Italy, are worried that if someone registers for example, it may confuse people who think it is the country code for Italy (.IT). It’s kind of a stretch but governments do have this concern.

3. The ICANN public forum–an opportunity for anybody to discuss any ICANN-related topic–did not disappoint. We had screaming and crying and even a surprise appearance from Audrey Hepburn.

2. The Domain Name Association met with ICANN attendees on numerous topics and the one issue that we see as something we need to tackle this year is Universal Acceptance of new TLDs. If you have your cool email address, we need to make sure it works on every browser, everywhere.

1. Steak for breakfast, steak for lunch, and steak for dinner (it’s Argentina, after all).

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