Team Culture: The Day Rightside Broke Twitter with Awesomeness

The Amazing Race ain’t got nothing on the scavenger hunt that went down Friday, July 24, roughly between the hours of 1 and 4 p.m. If you happened to be out and about in Kirkland or Bellevue during that time, there’s a good chance you bumped into someone wearing a turquoise shirt who asked–or, depending on their level of desperation, insisted–that you do something silly. (Extra points if you happened to be wearing a Rightside t-shirt while you sang “99 Red Balloons” in German or imitated an auction caller.)

You see, Team Culture’s purpose in organizing the scavenger hunt was threefold:

  • 1. Have fun.
  • 2. Raise awareness of new domain extensions.
  • 3. Acquire embarrassing photographs and videos of employees.

Team Culture thoughtfully assembled a list of 41 tasks, one for each Rightside domain extension and two spares. If we were somehow unaware of how vastly diverse our portfolio is, trying to come up with a task relevant to each domain extension really drove the point home. Some were obvious.

.NINJA? Entice a stranger into a game of hide and seek. Obviously.

.AIRFORCE? High-five someone in the Air Force. Simple.

.PUB? Visit a pub and have a drink. Why not?

But how would we communicate .CONSULTING or .KAUFEN? Those ones took a little more work, but ultimately we decided that asking a stranger for life advice and videotaping a stranger singing “99 Red Balloons” in German should do the trick.

Here are some statistics on how it all went:

  • Ten teams, all named after Greek letters which may have resulted in some weird hybridization on the RebelMouse board we set up to document the teams’ progress.
  • Forty-ish intrepid Rightside and Rightside-affiliated (eNom) employees willing to do anything–including humiliate themselves and each other–to win.
  • One afternoon.
  • A lot of turquoise t-shirts (designed by graphic artist Brian Dillon).

The trash talk began before the teams were even out of the office, and I’m pretty sure it continues today despite the fact that two weeks have passed and surely there are plenty of other excuses to mock each other. Tech evangelist Sean Ottey mounted a GoPro on his head and utilized this footage, combined with the videos the teams tweeted throughout the day, to create a video that captured the spirit of the experience:

Highlights from the day include Team Epsilon infiltrating GoDaddy’s Kirkland office for a picture with Danica Patrick …

Every dog in Kirkland and Bellevue wearing a Rightside t-shirt …

And the after-party at Wilde Rover in which the thirsty and exhausted hunters revived their spirits with chicken wings and beer.

There’s still no word on the winners, but I think it’s fair to say that we’re all winners by virtue of the fact that we spent half a workday asking strangers to sing and dance, all while promoting new domain extensions. Even Twitter couldn’t handle our amazingness that day. With about an hour left in the competition, multiple teams reported that their tweets were no longer getting through, likely due to the high volume of awesomeness we were collectively producing.

That’s right, folks. Rightside broke Twitter. And no one even had to get naked.

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