Rockstars of the .GAMES world

Launching a new gTLD into General Availability is always an exciting time, and .GAMES has been no exception. Aside from being a time to watch the registration numbers swiftly ticking up, it’s also when we start to see end users, businesses, and brands putting their domains to use. We love sharing use cases from our new gTLD portfolio with a wider audience whenever we see them go live, which is why this week’s DomainSpotting is dedicated to some brand new .GAMES domains.


Rockstar games registers rockstar dot games as a redirect
There’s a lot to like about .GAMES domains for developers with long-running games series

We knew pretty early on—as in the first few days of the Sunrise period—that .GAMES was going to be a hit with big-name gaming brands, and we’ve just begun seeing those brands start to use their domains. Rockstar Games not only grabbed its exact-match domain with Rockstar.GAMES, but the company is also using GTA.GAMES to redirect to its incredibly popular Grand Theft Auto video game series. GTA sits at 15 titles and counting, making the plural .GAMES extension an excellent fit for this major video game developer and publisher.


Angry Ogre Games switched from a  dot com to an exact-match dot GAMES domain
Likely the first of many defections from .COM to .GAMES

Independent tabletop game designer and developer, Angry Ogre Games, not only grabbed the exact-match AngryOgre.GAMES domain, but apparently liked it enough to make it the company’s primary URL. Its previous web address,, now gets forwarded to their new .GAMES URL. For smaller game designers like Angry Ogre, the .GAMES gTLD can make for a much shorter, catchier name.


Game streamer Jon of All Games uses dot Games as an active redirect
Video game streamers now have even more options for domain redirects

When it comes to active redirects, .LIVE is still one of the most popular extensions for video game streamers. But the new .GAMES gTLD gives these live personalities another option to craft a descriptive, memorable call to action. Streamer JonOfAllGames has JonOfAll.GAMES lead straight to his Twitch page, where his 21,000 followers can find his daily gaming sessions.


Rent My Arcade Games uses a dot GAMES domain for its innovative business model
Small-business entrepreneurs abound in the gaming industry

The rapid growth of the gaming industry makes it even more important that niche businesses have the room to innovate and establish new markets. Rent My Arcade banks on nostalgia for 80’s gaming with a Netflix-like subscription service that delivers classic arcade cabinets straight to your door (assuming your door is located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota). RentMyArcade.GAMES can be used as a redirect that communicates exactly what this business does, and helps it stand out as a strong call to action.


The Desire App uses dot Games to demostrate its purpose of gamifying personal relationships
Apps give games a presence in the “casual” market not usually reached by consoles or PCs

The simultaneous rise of mobile device ownership and gaming industry revenue isn’t coincidental. For the first time, video games have a direct pipeline into the hands of audiences outside of the “hardcore” gaming demographic. Innovative developers are taking advantage of that access: The Desire app gamifies personal relationships, so couples can inject an additional layer of fun and competition into their intimate time together. Desire.GAMES isn’t just technically accurate as a domain name, it’s also fittingly provocative.

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