Rocking out with a big brand in Austria

DomainSpotting is our regular showcase of the great new gTLD use cases we’ve stumbled upon in the last couple of weeks. But what we really want to do is get some of these awesome use cases out there to inspire others to take their online presence to the next level with new gTLDs. This week, we have burgers & music, a social hub, a show that reaches 47 million homes, an NFL superstar’s brand, and a productivity-destroying trivia game.


Big Mac dot rocks graphic
McDonalds using .ROCKS for a campaign in Austria

In 2015, McDonald’s launched the Big Mac Rocks campaign in Austria to increase brand awareness. This year, they reused their BigMac.ROCKS domain to redirect to their 2016 campaign page complete with a full rock concert series and video ad push. This is a great example of a big brand leveraging redirects and new TLDs to implement a temporary or annual campaign.


Screenshot of Stephan Bollinger Photography social links
Stephan Bollinger aggregates all his social links under one domain

Stephan Bollinger has many social media accounts; as a professional photographer, Instragram is a must, of course, but Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and an impressive 1.6 million followers on Google+ all help him engage with his audience, too. The problem is giving a short, simple call to action that works across all his social networks. SBP.SOCIAL puts all these links in a single, attractive page where users can pick and choose where to follow Stephan.


Journalist Sharyl Attkisson at Full Measure dot News
Sharyl Attkisson’s news magazine streams to the nation live with a .NEWS domain

Full Measure is a weekly syndicated news magazine hosted by the Edward R. Murrow Award-winning investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson. They stream their program live at FullMeasure.NEWS, which is then broadcast to 43 million households on Sinclair Broadcast Group stations. The title of the show comes from a line in the Gettysburg Address, which is evocative, but is also made much clearer to online audiences once it’s paired with the .NEWS extension.


Gronk Nation brand page with Get Gronk'd tagline
Rob Gronkowski’s brand (and his brothers) are on full display at Gronk Nation

GronkNation.NEWS serves up news of a slightly different sort. As one of the most colorful characters (and brands) in professional football, Rob Gronkowski commands a powerful following, and directs his fans to Gronk Nation where they can find news, media, and events related to him and his four brothers. GronkNation.NEWS serves as a complementary domain to the site, giving audiences an easy-to-remember address to find the latest happenings in Gronk Nation.


Infinite Music Trivia page at I M T dot Rocks
Do you have what it takes to ID a song in just a few seconds?

To close out this edition of DomainSpotting, we have a fun one: Infinite Music Trivia at IMT.ROCKS. This site uses the Spotify API to power a slick music trivia game. How well do you know your rock, pop, jazz, or classical tunes? Challenge yourself to beat the high score, or challenge your friends to see who among you is the real musical genius.


Have you seen other examples of new gTLDs in the wild? Send them to us at or post them yourself with the #DomainSpotting.

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