Rightside’s 2016 half-time show

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is already half over. What isn’t hard to believe is that Rightside has been incredibly busy over the last six months, and even more so just this past quarter. We’ve continued to introduce individuals, businesses, and organizations to the benefits of new generic TLDs, and contributed to the continued, global growth of the domain industry worldwide. One of the many highlights of the first half of 2016 has been our Premium inventory and we wanted to share some of this year’s Premium inventory highlights with you:

  • The second quarter of 2016 has been our largest to date in terms of Premium sales, exceeding $1 million in wholesale revenue. At the same time, this is the first quarter in which we did not launch a new TLD, which typically boosts Premium revenue significantly. To date, Rightside has sold less than 2% of its Premium inventory, meaning there is huge potential for more sales in the future.
  • Easily one of the most important domain name markets in the world right now is China. As of June, we are now selling our Premium domains through the country’s second-largest registrar, HiChina. We expect that the upside of the Chinese market for Premiums (and domains in general) will continue to be significant.
  • The .LIVE extension has quickly become our fastest growing Premium TLD, selling over 1,750 units for an aggregate of more than $780,000 in wholesale revenue to date this year. Over 50 percent of that revenue came in the second quarter alone, demonstrating the huge surge in demand for .LIVE we’ve seen just recently. And similar to our Premium inventory overall, this has all been accomplished with more than 94% of our .LIVE Premium inventory still being available for registration.
  • We also have some very exciting Premium prospects going into the rest of 2016. The Power of Two campaign in September will release our previously unavailable two-letter domain inventory, which are some of the most valuable Premium domains in the aftermarket. Later this year, the launch of the .GAMES domain extension will also present a huge inventory of unique, memorable Premium names.

The .LIVE results above aren’t just limited to our Premium inventory, either. The trend toward live streaming has reached a fever pitch with major brands like Facebook, Twitter, and Google all making significant investments in live streaming for their platforms. The Super Bowl, one of the most watched live events in the United States each year, had 1.4 million viewers per minute of their livestream in 2016, totalling 213 million minutes of coverage watched.

We’ve been feeling that same wave in the registration numbers for .LIVE domains. Just two months ago, we wrote that .LIVE had cracked the top 60 list for new TLDs after just half a year of availability. Today, the extension has reached #44, and is still climbing. And the people taking advantage of .LIVE aren’t just limited to niche interests, either. Everyone from music groups, to media networks, to gamers, to artists, to marketers, and dirt bike stunt riders are getting in on the action.

While we love the rapid growth of many of the TLDs in our portfolio, we also believe that the health of the domain industry rests on quality, active usage of domains. In 2016, we’ve witnessed many great use cases of new TLDs, which we document regularly both at Showcase.NINJA, as well as the My Side of the Dot and DomainSpotting series of blog posts. Here are just a few of the great new domains we’ve run into so far this year:

  • GronkNation.NEWS – A site for updates about (and by) one of the NFL’s most colorful characters, Rob Gronknowski
  • TheJacksons.LIVE – The official website of the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame music group
  • Unfiltered.NEWS – This Google-developed project brings underreported news stories in every country to the forefront
  • RokerMedia.LIVE – Media personality Al Roker has built a first-of-its-kind network for live content and streaming producers, banking on the huge potential of ad revenues rolling into live platforms
  • AnDeinerSeite.VIDEO – Rapper Kontra K produces an interactive music video [note: some violent imagery depicted]
  • Incon.LIVE – Video games were among the first live streaming segments to catch on with consumers, and many professional esports players, like Incon, use .LIVE to redirect fans to their channels
  • Integrated.LIVE – Formerly the Digital Marketing Show, Integrated.LIVE rebranded to emphasize the explosion of live content driving much of digital marketing efforts today

The first half of 2016 has been a blast, and we can’t wait for the second!

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