Rightside .ROCKS the ugly Christmas sweater

We take our holidays seriously around Rightside. From countless Halloween costumes and decorations to boxes filled with donations for local shelters, there’s no limit to how far employees will go to celebrate.

Our December 4 Ugly Sweater competition is proof of our devotion to absurdity, merriment, and glitter, with dozens of people wandering hallways and haunting conference rooms wearing sweaters that light up, sparkle, dazzle, and terrify.

Enjoy this small sample of Rightside holiday cheer and fashion faux pas galore.

Rightsider Marc shows off his ugly sweater

Marc Gawith, Business Development Manager

“It was the cheapest, ugliest sweater I could find in three days.”

Rightsider Acacia rocks the ugly sweater

Acacia Krebs, Director, Corporate Communications

“I’m gonna come at you like a spider monkey. My son said this morning, ‘Momma, that’s the most beautiful sweater.’”

Rightsider Leslie rocks the ugly sweater

Leslie McGuire, Senior Manager, Channel Marketing

“It was a family affair. The kids were really excited to help make an ugly sweater.”

Sharon and the homemade ugly sweater

Sharon Romes, Account Manager

“I made most of it myself.”

Paige and the pun-y ugly sweater

Paige Graffunder, Technical Support

“It’s ugly. It has a dog and a pun.”

Mike and the Rightside unicorn

Mike Adelman

“A unicorn puking Christmas candy is enough.”

Rightsider Heather and the T-Rex arms

Heather Buser, VP, Controller

“It’s a tribute to Sahar because she says she has T-rex arms.”

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