When it comes to premiums, Rightside prioritizes usage

It’s a common critique of the domain industry, and premium domains in particular: Valuable internet real estate is sold, but no one ever does anything with it. Domains sold for six-figure sums return “404” or “Site Not Found” responses until people lose interest and forget the domain was sold in the first place.

A recent Name Pros thread called attention to this phenomenon when someone posted: “Does anyone else find it strange that so many domains which are sold each year for hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet they are never developed.” He included a NameBio list of the top 10 new TLD Premium domains sold so far in 2016. Three Rightside domains—www.sex.live, www.porn.live, and www.autism.rocks—are on that list. Only three of the 10 domains on that list currently resolve.

It’s no accident that the three Premium domains that currently resolve are the three Rightside domains. Our goal as a Registry is not to sell vast quantities of unutilized domains to whoever happens to be the highest bidder, but to prove the creativity and value of new TLDs with quality usage. We encourage customers interested in our Platinum domains to “Make an Offer” and part of that dialogue centers on the intended usage for the domain. We love knowing that all of our Premium domains are being utilized and are sometimes able to compromise on price in exchange for viable usage. Have an exciting idea for one of our Platinum domains? Share it with us and there’s a chance that excellent idea may lower the price tag for that particular Platinum domain.

Rightside’s Premium strategy might not make sense for a Registry intending only to make as much money as possible or sell as much inventory as possible in the short-term, but our eye is on a much bigger prize: large-scale awareness of new TLDs and subsequent domain industry growth. And we happen to think we’re on the right track.

If you have an idea for a site or business, or you’re interested in domains that have long-term value, contact us at premiums@rightside.co. And don’t forget, if a domain you want shows up as “Make Offer” or “$50,000/yr,” these are our Platinum domains. Their prices are negotiable, so contact us at the email above and we’ll assist you.

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