Rightside Premium Domains

In an effort to demystify Rightside premium domains, we will more regularly release statistics about our premium domain sales, including identifying some of our most recent premium sales. For our first release, we’re taking a broad view, looking at the 2016 year to date numbers of premium domain sales:

  • Number of Rightside premium domains sold: 1,820
  • Premium average sale price of $372
  • Premium wholesale revenue: $674,610
  • Number of premium sales $10,000 or greater: 12
  • Number of Registrars that sold premium domains: 43
  • Number of TLDs in which a premium was sold: 39 (of 39)
  • Number of countries with customers who bought a premium domain: 66
  • Number of buyers who purchased a premium domain: at least 942

Here are a few of the domains we’ve sold year to date:

  • www.bid.auction – $20,000
  • www.feirien.haus – $15,000
  • www.viral.video – $3,500 (during the Namescon auction)
  • www.iot.software – $2,500
  • www.edm.live – $2,500
  • www.motorhome.forsale – $1,500
  • www.rugby.video – $1,000
  • www.happy.live – $1,000
  • www.ryan.family – $1,000
  • www.com.engineer – $600
  • www.freestyle.dance – $500
  • www.zaun.kaufen – $500
  • www.d5.studio – $400
  • www.canadarealestate.auction -$200
  • www.piano.army – $60

Of course, there’s more to the story than a handful of numbers can reveal. There’s the narrative of how these premium domains are being utilized, the stories they’re telling, the products and services they’re selling, the types of premiums that are selling, and more.

Check back frequently for more premium stats and stories.

Send comments to blog@rightside.news.

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