Rightidentity: A Rightside Hackathon Tale

More than two weeks after 20 brave and inspired teams presented 20 mostly inspired ideas, a victor has been declared: Team Zoe from Austin on Monday, October 12 invaded the Kirkland office and dispatched the final four other teams.

In case you’re wondering, the name Team Zoe was inspired by team member Phil Klauzinski’s four-legged canine companion (and likely brains behind the operation). The four-person team, comprised of Senior UI Engineer Klauzinski, Research Analyst Joanna Swanson, Senior Analyst of Premium Research Tara McAdams, and Senior Software Engineer Henrik Kjallbring, initially decided they wanted to use the Hackathon to come up with a project that would improve customers’ search experience. Ultimately, that was too generic and over the course of the two-day effort they narrowed in on the idea of creating different verticals and offering name recommendations based on those verticals.

The project, which is called Rightidentity, currently has four verticals: commerce, legal, dental, and dog. Customers start by choosing a vertical–say legal–and responding to a handful of questions unique to that vertical.

What is your firm’s name? If you have an abbreviation include that too.

What cities are your offices located in? Feel free to include the state as well.

What areas of law do you specialize in? Divorce, Real Estate, Entertainment?

Want your partners to have their own domains? They make great email addresses!

Hackathon winning screenshot from Rightside
A sneak peek at the Hackathon winning entry!

After spending a minute or two responding to the questions, a potential customer clicks “Find my legal identity” and Rightidentity generates available domain names including the firm name; firm name and location; location; location and specialty; and specialty. The results focus on the .ATTORNEY and .LAWYER Rightside extensions, but also includes a “More Suggestions” section featuring .GIVES, .NEWS, and .SOCIAL for law firms that want to embrace the potential of complementary domains.

Of course, Team Zoe created a unique experience around each vertical. In order to create a customized domain portfolio within the dog vertical, customers need only enter their name. Based on this information, the search engine returns three categories of addresses.

“Make your paw-some presence known” includes a .DOG and .SOCIAL address. “I woof you” includes .COOL and .BEST and “Keep your human in the loop” includes .LIVE and .NEWS. The search engine returns prices for each recommended web address and features an “Add to cart” button that whisks customers to a Name.com checkout for a quick and easy purchase experience.

Hackathon platform for Rightside
A sneak peek at the platform YOU could one day be using!

The beauty of Rightidentity, besides the fact that it’s not spinning random results, is that it can now be applied to different verticals. With hundreds of new domain extensions now available, current search tools fall disappointingly short of presenting a comprehensive picture of the number and variety of available domain names. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of potential verticals based on profession and interests–each with the opportunity to introduce new domain extensions to a customer base that has no idea just how creative and specific they can be.

Team Zoe won Amazon giftcards for their masterful Hackathon performance, but according to Klauzinski, the recognition and opportunity to get to know their coworkers in a new capacity was what mattered most.

“We didn’t care about the prizes,” he said. “It was more about recognition. We’re a small office down in Austin. A lot of people don’t know who we are. It’s kind of a good way for the company to get to know us better.”

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