A Recount of Rightside June Shenanigans and a Look Forward to July Events

Rightside finished off our flurry of spring activities with eight events across the United States during the month of May, including one notable visit to Amsterdam.

This is what we learned:

Bill Glenn, VP, Marketing

Event(s): Unbound Call to Action conference, June 19-21, Vancouver, British Columbia

My goals …

Educate marketers about the power of domain names as better call-to-action tools than QR codes, hashtags, or sub-optimal domain name structures.

Expand our marketing and awareness efforts into Canada.

Become part of the Unbounce community and evaluate whether we want to partner with Unbounce more aggressively in the future (which I think we do).

My takeaways …

The Canadian marketers seem to be more open to trying techniques—like using new domain names—than their American counterparts.

.SOCIAL, .ROCKS, and .REVIEWS were all very popular domain names with Canadian marketers and Canadian marketing agencies.

People from Vancouver are VERY friendly and Unbounce employees are super accommodating and awesome partners to work with!

My favorite nonprofessional aspect of the event …

Rightside and Native Ads co-hosted a pub-crawl and had a very successful social event at the Lamplighter Pub that included people putting together their most (in)appropriate domain name, using Rightside new domain extensions on boards, and a “dance-off” in order to win cool prizes.

Etc. …

We’re looking forward to working more closely with the team at Unbounce and really enjoyed the opportunity to spread the word about the power of (new) domain names across the border with our friends up North.

Sean Ottey, Technical Evangelist

Event(s): HackTheDot @ SF Galvanize June 21

My goals …

Awareness. Networking. Galvanize partnership strengthening.

My takeaways …

The turnout was good, but somehow somber.

The projects were great! One is actually turning into a real thing!

We have dialed in the food and drink as we only had a little extra after the fact.

My favorite nonprofessional aspect of the event …

Without a doubt, Jared and I driving from SF to Anaheim was amazing. We had SO much content, so much social media, and so much fun.

Sean Ottey, Technical Evangelist

Event(s): VidCon, Anaheim, CA, June 21-25

My goals …

Learn more about the video and live streaming communities.

Connect with influencers and advocates.

Learn more about new platforms and trends in video and live streaming.

My takeaways …

VidCon, having a community pass, is FULL of fans of the “Cewebrities”. It is different from any other conference I have been to. Kind of like a hybrid between a business conference and ComiCon.

There is growing awareness and excitement regarding new domain extensions, ESPECIALLY .LIVE and .VIDEO.

Never forget to get gas when traveling with Jared Ewy.

My favorite nonprofessional aspect of the event …

Megan and Jared are two of the most genuine and kind people on the planet. Our dinner together was super duper perfect.

Etc. …

While I was glad we were there, the secret to Vidcon is mobility and access. The booth was possibly more of a hinderance than a benefit.

Megan Campbell, Events Marketing Manager

Event(s): VidCon, Anaheim, CA, June 21-25

My goals …

Learn more about the live streaming, video creator, and game-streaming communities.

Connect with .LIVE influencers/advocates and tape interviews.

Promote .LIVE, .STUDIO, and .VIDEO domains.

My takeaways …

VidCon attracts a HUGE variety of participants, from creators, to fans, to industry movers and shakers.

New TLDs were a hit and “no-brainer” among young millennials and Gen Z’ers. The most common response when describing gTLDs was “That’s SO COOL!”

Fans take their YouTube celeb crushes seriously. Next time, bring earplugs for the screaming mobs.

My favorite nonprofessional aspect of the event …

Watching the fireworks over Sleeping Beauty’s castle from my hotel room window didn’t stink …

We’re looking forward to an equally hectic, informative, and social July with Rightside representatives attending the following events:

July 8-11 – Yes and Yes, Yes, Palm Springs, CA
July 13 – Hack the Dot – Eastside Summer Edition, Kirkland, WA
July 20 – Hack the Dot, Austin, TX
July 24-27 – HostingCon Global 2016, New Orleans, LA
July 25 – 9Mile Labs Happy Hour, Seattle, WA
July 27 – Pivot Digital Summer Party, New York, NY
July 30 – iSugar.LIVE, New York, NY

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