A Recount of Rightside April Shenanigans and a Look Forward to May Events

It’s been a busy spring at Rightside, with employees visiting all corners of the country spreading the news about new domain extensions and their benefits to marketers, entertainers, live streamers, athletes, and startups.

This is what we learned:

Christina Holding, Senior Business Development Manager
Event(s): Global Rock Summit, LA Games Conference, and Musexpo

My takeaways …

There is an active curiosity about our TLDs in the entertainment space. Recently, there is the sense of a palpable transition from people wondering what they are to wondering how other people are using them. Likewise, for those still unfamiliar with TLDs, the leap from awareness to curiosity about use appears to be coming along much quicker during conversations. There is more inquiry about successes people are having with them and more of a willingness to try them.
Showcasing live content, events/tours, and social aggregation seem to be resonating most as people in the space appear to be drawn to .LIVE and .SOCIAL most immediately. Others in the space that hold interest are .NEWS, .VIDEO, .STUDIO, and—in specific cases—.ROCKS or .BAND mostly when genre or clarification of identity is needed and .GIVES for philanthropic awareness. There is a growing sense among artists to give back a bit more publicly and it seems this may develop into more opportunity for .GIVES adoption.
There’s great potential building around .GAMES. There is a sense that there could be a better adoption rate amongst the gaming community especially in tandem with .LIVE and .SOCIAL.

Sean Ottey, Tech Evangelist
Event(s): Collision

My takeaways …

The proliferation of new domain extensions is surprising. Many, many startups are choosing brandable, memorable names over domain “hacks” or odd looking .COMs.
Live streaming and social media management were the two biggest topics, both on the panels as well as the startups in attendance. They also had a nonprofit area that was embracing technology in the nonprofit sector.
The ideas that were in the startup exhibit area were so innovative! Everything from a price matching automation system to live television around the world (www.WatchA.live) to software that calculates the dollar value of a Facebook post.

Marc Gawith, Business Development Manager
Event(s): Social Media Marketing World, NFL Pre Draft

My takeaways …

Live video was the talk of Social Media Marketing World. There were many sessions about Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and others but by far the most attended sessions were the ones about live video. There was really only one event on the main stage that wasn’t a keynote and that was regarding live video. People are hungry to learn about it and want to know how to stand out and .LIVE continues to resonate
The podcasting people are savvy business people and are hustlers. This is an untapped segment so far. Some big-name podcasters were speaking about how to get started podcasting and once again .LIVE pairs and resonates with this community.
​As far as the NFL players are concerned, the younger ones are more ripe to partner with but the veterans get the concept better. In speaking with both, the veterans were asking the questions we had hoped that the rookies might ask. There was a real and sincere way that the active players were engaging with us on how this could benefit their brand.
Companies want to give the athletes products to get exposure for their brand. We were there to help the athletes become their own brand. We are uniquely positioned in that companies and brands are clamoring to get these athletes to use their products and take pictures in, on or around their products. We are giving them a tool to better promote and monetize their brand and that really resonates with them. Football doesn’t last forever but their name does.

We’re looking forward to an equally hectic, informative, and social May with Rightside representatives attending the following events:

May 5 – AdAge Brand Summit, Chicago, IL

May 12 – DNSeattle Meet-up, Kirkland, WA

May 16-18 – Music Biz, Nashville, TN

May 17-19 – GDD Industry Summit, Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 21-24 – INTA, Orlando, FL.

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