A reality check on domain rebranding

We’re such fans of domain extensions that we’re constantly sharing great examples of new gTLD domains we find among ourselves. But what we really want to do is get some of these awesome use cases out there to inspire others to take their online presence to the next level with new gTLDs. That’s why we’re starting a regular column here called DomainSpotting to highlight some of the cool domains we’ve recently stumbled upon. This week, we have a .NEWS rebrand, a succinct social call to action, a popular Mexican fútbol team, and a Blogspot-to-domain conversion.


Rewire's cover image on Twitter
RH Reality Check rebrands as Rewire.NEWS

Public health and human rights publication RH Reality Check relaunched under a new brand last month: Rewire.NEWS. Aside from being a strong, evocative name, the .NEWS extension reinforces their brand of “evidence-based news, analysis, commentary, and investigative reporting.” Rebrands like this are perfect opportunities for organizations to get into a new gTLD that complements their overall mission.


Liverpool Victoria's Facebook cover photo
Liverpool Victoria uses .SOCIAL as a call to action and short link

Insurance company Liverpool Victoria already has an enviably short, two-character domain for their homepage, but their Facebook URL is another story. Rather than muddy their brand, LV instead redirected LV.SOCIAL to their Facebook page, giving their own name the prime spot “before the dot.” They’ve even taken to using the domain as a short link for the purposes of their company tweets.


Splash page for Pachuca football club
The Pachuca football club uses .FUTBOL to be on brand for every call to action

Club de Fútbol Pachuca is a professional football team in Mexico. Founded in 1901, the club is one of the oldest in the Americas, but they’re clearly ahead of the curve in adapting to technologies like new TLDs. Pachuca.FUTBOL leaves no doubt in the minds of its fans as to what this team is all about.


Feature image from Acoustic Guitar dot Live
Hiroko Konishi makes the wise jump from a third-level domain to .LIVE

Before she had her own domain, musician and voice actress Hiroko Konishi maintained a blog at HirokoKonishi.blogspot.com. Aside from being a little long, third-level domains like those offered by Blogspot and Tumblr can be distracting to the brand their users are trying to present. AcousticGuitar.LIVE is a provocative, professional call to action for Hiroko to keep her fans updated.


Have you seen other examples of new gTLDs in the wild? Send them to us at blog@rightside.news or post them yourself with the #DomainSpotting.

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