6 Premium domain collections for your portfolio

A few weeks ago, we published a list highlighting a set of Premium domains that we think have tremendous long-term value: Geo domains in .ATTORNEY and .LAWYER. We were happy to see several dozen California cities and neighborhoods represented in registrations on the first day of our Premium promotion with registrations such as losaltos.attorney and malibu.lawyer.

To help our customers take full advantage of the promotion, we are highlighting other collections of our premium inventory that are great for both domain investors and end users.

Price Range (Suggested Retail): $1,250 – $3,150

This collection includes city names and/or types of dental specialties. These are great names for dentists that rely on people discovering them through search. The .DENTIST extension is direct, memorable, and works for practices of any size. Here are a few examples of this type of Premium domain in use:

Real Estate + .FORSALE
Price Range (Suggested Retail): $37.50 – $1,875

People also rely on searches containing city or state names for real estate. An exact match domain is a memorable way to grab attention and traffic for buyers and sellers. And here’s an investment tip just for you: We didn’t include cities and apartments in our premium inventory, so great names like austinapartments.forsale are available at standard prices. Our oversight is your gain!

Acronyms + .CONSULTING
Price Range (Suggested Retail): $37.50 – $6,250

For every three-letter combination (LLL) domain in the latin alphabet, there are an almost limitless number of acronyms matching business names and personal initials throughout the world. This subset of Premiums has seen a lot of traction in our professional TLDs such as .CONSULTING. These short domains become memorable calls to action that fit easily on a business card.

First Names + .LIVE
Price Range (Suggested Retail): $125

The online live-streaming community is adopting .LIVE in droves, and many notable celebrities and brands are leveraging .LIVE domains, too. We’ve designated the 100 most common male and female first names as Premium domains, and they’re selling fast. There are just over 120 left, we don’t expect they’ll be available for long!

Keyword + .LIVE
Price Range (Suggested Retail): $125-$3,125

In addition to the fast-growing adoption by live streamers, .LIVE is taking off among a wide variety of end users, from athletes, to musicians, to news outlets. Check out the attached list for a set of memorable keywords that would resonate with a huge base of potential customers.

Short Numeric Domains + .NEWS, .LIVE, .PUB, and others
Price Range (Suggested Retail): $125-$3,125

It’s common knowledge that the market for short domains (CHIPS, for those familiar with the term) has cooled down in the last few months, with prices leveling off or dropping on some TLDs. But will this cooling last? If you fall into the camp that expects another round of major investment, taking advantage of the $10 promo renewals for our numeric Premiums is a sound bet.

The full list of these domains is available to download.

This is just a small sample of the types of Premium collections we’ve identified, and we’ll continue to share more of these in the weeks ahead. If you’re interested in these or any other collections contact us at premiumsales@rightside.co, and we’d be happy to assist you. And don’t forget, if a domain you want shows up as “Make Offer” or “$50,000/yr,” these are our Platinum domains. Their prices are negotiable, so contact us at the email above if you’re interested in one of these domains.


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