A snapshot of Rightside’s $10K+ Platinum Domain sales

“Transparency and trust” are two of our guiding principles in conducting business in the domain industry. We believe that publishing information about our successes (and missteps) can benefit registries, registrars, investors, and end users alike. This is why we are choosing to release a full list of every five- and six-figure direct Platinum domain sale we are allowed to publish. Just a few of these have been publicly revealed until now. This includes the sale of Video.games which was sold in February for $183,000—our biggest Platinum sale to date, and the second largest in the entire new gTLD program.

Rightside’s Premium/Platinum sales amounted to $3.4 million last year, gaining $800,000/year each year since we launched our first new gTLDs. The 53 Platinum Domain names in the list below had an average selling price of over $31,000, for a total of $1.7 million cash. The list excludes Day 1 EAP sales and seven-figures worth of Platinum Domain sales we are not able to publish at this time. What you see below is just over 60% of our complete $10k+ Platinum sales list, including five of our top ten sales. These domains were sold to over 15 unique end users and investors, across 17 different TLDs.

The results we’re seeing are the product of a rigorously researched Platinum and Premium inventory—a process which we will cover in greater detail in a future blog post. Our best-in-class portfolio of TLDs aligns with competitive, high-value markets populated by businesses willing to pay top dollar for the best, most memorable domain names. In short, investors and end users are buying valuable new domains, and this list illustrates some great examples of that.

We are going to continue publishing data that serves to advance the new gTLD program and the domain industry as a whole. In the meantime, drop us a line at PremiumSales@rightside.co or (425) 298-2424.

Domain Name Sale Price
video.games $183,000
sex.live $160,000
porn.live $120,000
homes.forsale $75,000
personalinjury.attorney $60,000
for.sale $50,000
art.market $50,000
job.market $50,000
caraccident.attorney $50,000
auto.market $40,000
accident.lawyer $40,000
global.market $40,000
organic.market $35,000
luxury.market $35,000
app.market $35,000
insurance.market $35,000
i.news $35,000
local.market $35,000
live.live $25,000
finance.market $25,000
medical.market $25,000
stream.live $20,000
church.live $20,000
berlin.immobilien $20,000
solar.engineer $20,000
drug.rehab $20,000
sex.forsale $20,000
sex.social $20,000
hollywood.live $15,000
design.studio $15,000
energy.market $15,000
flower.market $15,000
the.market $15,000
meat.market $15,000
fish.market $15,000
bitcoin.market $15,000
furniture.market $15,000
ferien.haus $15,000
houses.forsale $15,000
wetter.live $15,000
irish.pub $15,000
neworleans.attorney $15,000
edu.video $15,000
hamburg.immobilien $15,000
water.engineer $15,000
accident.attorney $15,000
injury.lawyer $15,000
porn.reviews $15,000
dot.market $10,000
koeln.immobilien $10,000
stuttgart.immobilien $10,000
adult.reviews $10,000
wrongfuldeath.attorney $10,000

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