Personal Branding: How Entrepreneurs Can Rule the Internet

There are over 20 million do-it-yourselfers out there today in the U.S. A lot of them have the internet to thank. It extends their reach and gives them a canvas to create with.

But if the internet up to now has been like a fertilizer for entrepreneurship, then what’s happening in the world of Top Level Domains is ushering in an era of full-on jet propulsion.

Blast Off with Personal Branding

The Top Level Domain (TLD) is the part of a website or email address to the far right of the dot. It’s the .COM in an address like Thanks to a ruling by the governing body of the internet — a group known as ICANN — there are loads of new TLDs, available right now.

This means the one-man wonder behind can go online today and register The three generations behind the Howard family produce stand can register a .MARKET domain.

The traveling man of mystery who runs the “I am #airportninja” site on Tumblr can register In fact, he already has. (Type it into your browser.)

Brand New Personal Brand

New TLDs will propel entrepreneurship even further because of the nature of branding. When you’re crafting an online presence, you want your name to be memorable, clear, and compelling. You want people to recall it easily, you want it to say something fundamental about who you are/what you do, and you want to stand out from everyone else who’s trying to do the same thing.

What could be more memorable than What could be clearer than What could be more compelling than Anyone who has something to say or share online has been given a big boost with these new TLDs.

Extended Reach with Personal Branding

And they’re not only good for websites, by the way. The Howard family can register for the sake of getting customized email addresses to do business with. Curtis the engineer can keep his old website but grab for his LinkedIn profile.

The sky’s the limit. And it’s all because of how these new TLDs fit into the way people brand themselves online.

Are you interested in extending your reach? Want to know more about online branding and how to take advantage of these new domains? Download this ebook:

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