November Events Recap, and A Look Forward

As the days grows darker and colder and summer is just a memory, we look back at the month of cranberries and stuffing and the many exciting events Rightside employees attended. In their own words, this is what those fortune-favored employees had to say:

Scott Ryder, VP Channel

My goals …
Work with partners on getting Rightside’s great domains in their customers’ hands.

My takeaways …
The industry continues to struggle with drastic increase in available TLDs, but steady progress is being made.

My favorite nonprofessional aspect of the event …
Experiencing a country I’d never visited before.

Statton Hammock, V.P. Business & Legal Affairs
ICANN 57 Meeting, INTA Leadership Conference

My goals …

  1. Advance business and policy interests of Rightside Registry.
  2. Communicate benefits of Rightside TLDs to major corporate brands.

My takeaways …

  1. “Back to basics” after a year of focus on the IANA transition. Now registries and registrars can focus on implementing new policies, inter-registrar transfer policy, release of two letter country codes at the second level, and abuse safeguards.
  2. Large corporations are dysfunctional when it comes to communication regarding marketing campaigns and calls to action. Legal does not talk to Marketing which does not talk to IT which does not talk to Customer Support. As a result, it’s very hard for companies to get their heads around how new TLDs can be effectively used in their business.

My favorite nonprofessional aspect of the event …
In India, the “tuk-tuk” motorized rickshaws that dart in and out of fast moving traffic. Thrilling and scary all at once. In Florida, attending a reception, eating sushi at a club overlooking Miami.

Mariah Reilly, Director of Account Management

My goals …
To meet with Rightside’s registrar partners and figure out ways to grow the market for new gTLDs.

My takeaways …
Forward thinking registrars are vying to be the Amazon of the domain industry—innovative registrars are focused on improved domain merchandizing, domain search results, and domain usage.

My favorite nonprofessional aspect of the event …
The food in Hyderabad was fantastic. I ate well in India!

Jeffrey Eckhaus SVP Market Development

My goals …
Meet with registries and registrars to discuss growing the market for domain names and how ICANN policy can affect us all.

My takeaways …
Both registries and registrars are done with the nonstop launches of new TLDs and excited to now market and sell domains to new and existing customers.

My favorite nonprofessional aspect of the event …
Celebrating Diwali in Mumbai with friends and colleagues.

India has really changed since my last trip there in 2008 and I’m excited for the future of internet and domain name growth in India for 2017 and beyond.

Bill Glenn, VP, Marketing, Rightside
Integrated Live

My goals …

  1. Expand awareness of the .LIVE brand and domain with the UK and European marketing community (both brands and marketing agencies).
  2. Educate marketers and marketing agencies about the power of live streaming and how they can use it to increase engagement and trust with their customers.
  3. Promote the rebrand of Stream (moving from to, a successful live streaming platform that has adopted the .LIVE domain name as part of their branding strategy.
  4. Support our live streaming advocates, specifically Victoria Taylor ( and Alex Pettitt ( who helped educate the Integrated Live attendees about the value of live streaming and how to work with live streaming creators to incorporate live streaming into their brand strategy.

My takeaways …

  1. Live streaming is an emerging medium / channel for brands and agencies and many are just learning about it and/or how to incorporate it into their marketing mix.
  2. Live streaming is hot. Innovative brands like Stream and Cabela’s are leveraging this technology to drive more meaningful engagement with current and prospective customers.
  3. The UK / European market is ripe for live streaming and understands the value of building a unique and more memorable brand identity, in part, by leveraging new domain extensions like .LIVE, .VIDEO, and .SOCIAL.

My favorite nonprofessional aspect of the event …

  1. Spending time with our live streaming advocates, Vikki and Alex, as well as our new partners at Stream (Will and Tyler) and better understanding the live streaming movement from their perspectives.
  2. Eating a soft-shell crab slider.
  3. Walking around London—what a beautiful city!

We’re looking forward to participating in the Summit Live UK event in March 2017. Our UK and European marketers are ahead of the curve and are excited about live streaming. We can’t wait to continue more face-to-face conversations with marketers and live-streaming creators in order to make live streaming an everyday strategic marketing tactic for both brands and marketing agencies, while also helping to bring together and grow the live streaming community in this exciting part of the world.

After a busy November we’re taking it a little easy during the month of December, though that won’t stop us from gallivanting around the country spreading the word about new domain extensions. If you happen to be attending any of these events, give us a holler:

Dec 8 – Hack the Dot, Denver, CO
Dec 8 – Upright Citizen’s Brigade, New York, NY
Dec 17-18 – GE2.Live, Seattle, WA

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