New gTLD in paradise

In DomainSpotting, we highlight some of the best examples of new domains we’ve come across in the last few weeks. Our most recent editions have been dedicated to the .GAMES launch and success of .LIVE, but of course, we have 38 other gTLDs that continue to see use. In this DomainSpotting, we have an island paradise, an online garage sale, a branded link shortener, a modern-day Lampoon, and a console on the go.


This dot REVIEWS goes to the Instagram photo gallery of Tenerife in the Canary Islands
.REVIEWS finds itself in the Canary Islands

As Rightside’s offices in Seattle, Dublin, and Denver prepare for the coming winter weather, the tropical vistas found at Tenerife.REVIEWS are a welcome sight. This Instagram account sports HD pictures of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco. Not only does the domain redirect to their account, but they’ve also included .REVIEWS as part of their brand. We often see .SOCIAL and .VIDEO used as social redirects, but .REVIEWS also makes a lot of sense for businesses and industries (like tourism).


Used dot for sale is exactly what it sounds like, a perfect match for the new domain extension
Used.ForSale aggregates multiple selling platforms into a single place

Sometimes, a domain name fits just right. Used.ForSale is exactly what it sounds like: a site for buying and selling used items. Here, you’ll find listings aggregated from several different platforms like eBay and Craigslist into a single, convenient page of search results. Used.ForSale claims to see monthly traffic of over 1.6 million visitors, so that’s a lot of awareness for this new gTLD.

Rebrandly.ROCKS and Rebrandly.NEWS

Dot Rocks and dot News get the call for Rebrandly's link shortener
Rebrandly sees the value in new gTLDs for branded short links

We’re on record as being big proponents of branded short links. They’re attractive, practical, and are shown to increase engagement with audiences. The social media experts at Rebrandly seem to agree, and employ .NEWS and .ROCKS as link shorteners in their own posts to back it up. On social networks crowded with filler content, even the slightest advantage in audience activation can make a big difference in your social marketing goals.


The Rival uses dot News for its network of college humor and commentary sites
College satire is alive and well in this .NEWS domain

Collegiate satire has a history over a hundred years long going all the way back to the Harvard Lampoon. That tradition is continued by The Rival, a network of online commentary and humor with content tailored to each of a dozen colleges, including Boston University, Duke, and NYU. The Rival splits up each campus as a separate sub-domain, meaning TheRival.NEWS remains central to the brand, even as the content changes between UMD.TheRival.NEWS and Wisc.TheRival.NEWS.


Okay, we couldn’t help but add one new .GAMES use case. On October 20th, the big news in the gaming world was the very first look at Nintendo’s newest console, Nintendo Switch. While we are as excited as anyone else for its March 2017 release, we are even more thrilled that Nintendo decided to use NintendoSwitch.GAMES to redirect to the landing page of their new product. The .GAMES domain extension continues to find a home with games developers, from independent freelancers, to multibillion-dollar publishers.

Have you seen other examples of new gTLDs in the wild? Send them to us at or post them yourself with the #DomainSpotting.

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