New Domain Extensions: Meet & Draw the Fluffpaws .FAMILY

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You’ve heard of the Flintstones, the Kennedys, the Kardashians, and the Tenebaums, but for all their quirks and charms, none of these families can hold a candle to the Fluffpaws.


Well, to begin with, do any of those other families have a coloring book? OK, they probably do. In the case of the Flintstones, they’ve definitely got a coloring book, or 30.

But do any of those families happen to have a coloring book that’s also an introduction to new domain extensions and how to use them? We didn’t exactly get researchers involved, but it’s pretty safe to assume the Fluffpaws are the first and thus far only family to be featured in an adult coloring book explaining the value of new domain extensions.

Who are the Fluffpaws?

Well, as is usually the case with family, it’s complicated. Mom’s a fox—literally. She also happens to be a lawyer with a degree from a highly accredited university, a registered Republican, and she takes krav maga at her local fitness studio.

Dad’s a skunk—again, literally. He’s a blogger, an online consultant, a registered Democrat—which tends to make conversations around the dinner table a little, well, awkward. And, after a hard day of blogging and consulting he likes to hang out at the pub.

Raccoon’s the oldest of their three kids and it was his idea to start their band, Opossum and the Funky Whiskers. He plays guitar, Cat plays keyboard, and Opossum plays the drums. They haven’t had a live show yet, but now that their adult coloring book has launched maybe they stand a better chance of getting a gig.

Cat’s your classic middle child but she’s also a pretty good storyteller, as you’ll see when you’re reading the coloring book.

And Opossum is sufficiently dramatic that her dad’s convinced she’s going to grow up to become an actor.

Then there’s Princess Guppy, the family fish who keeps a fashion blog where she discusses the latest in colors, trends, and styles with her many followers.

And, last but not least, there’s Dad’s sister, Owl, who’s in the airforce and doesn’t get to come home very often, but thanks to technology the family still gets to talk to her just about every day.

How is any of this biologically possible? Technically it’s really not. But tell that to the Fluffpaws family, because they’re still out there blogging, lawyering, making noise in the family’s treehouse basement, and spreading the word about new domain extensions like .FAMILY. Not to mention, giving you the gift of a holiday activity that’s fun for the entire family.


Download, and draw this copy of the Fluffpaws .FAMILY. Don’t forget to share your drawing on social media using #FLUFFPAWS.

Fluffpaws pdf coloring book

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