Mother India is home to more than 1.2 billion people, 22 languages, 50 political parties, hundreds of deities, Bollywood dancers, flavorful biryani dishes, and yes, this month, it was also home to more than 1,300 attendees for the ICANN 57 meeting in Hyderabad.

From the Internet law and policy perspective, the overarching theme was “get back to basics” following more than a year of ICANN community stakeholder focus on the IANA transition and new ICANN accountability measures which finally completed at the end of September. With this work largely behind us, the registries resumed their efforts to get the release of two letter country codes in new gTLDs. I participated in several working groups sessions related to reviews of the new gTLD program including work to evaluate the effectiveness of rights protection mechanisms, an examination of survey data related to the impacts on consumer choice and competition, and work preparing for subsequent new gTLD rounds.

In addition to this work, I also participated in a panel discussion focused on the mitigation of abuse in the domain name system which gave me an opportunity to highlight the great work of our Compliance team at Rightside. Finally, I helped push through a final draft of industry best practices which I hope will see wide adoption by registries and registrars.

The ICANN conference facility was a 15-minute car ride from the hotel through the crowded narrow streets of Hyderabad—no lanes, no lines, no stoplights, but lots of pedestrians, cows, sheep, and horn blowing. After a busy day doing lots of talking AND lots of listening, the I found enjoyment over delicious dosas, spicy curries, fresh baked naan, and abundant lamb biryani.

Next stop for me at ICANN? Copenhagen, Denmark. FANTASTISK!!!

Of course, I wasn’t the only Rightsider chowing down on biryani. Mariah Reilly, Director of Account Management, was equally impressed by the food and had the following to say, “Forward thinking Registrars are vying to be the Amazon of the domain industry; innovative Registrars are focused on improved domain merchandizing, domain search results and domain usage.” And Scott Ryder, VP Channel, observed that “the industry continues to struggle with drastic increase in available TLDs, but steady progress is being made.”

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