A .LIVE account of all things Wellington

Lilia Alexander, founder of Wellington Live (www.wellington.live), shares the story behind the online hub for Wellington residents looking for the latest news, events, and weather in this week’s My Side of the Dot™.

Where are you based?

In Wellington city, New Zealand.

What is the premise behind Wellington Live? How did the site get started?

We started our Facebook page when flooding hit Wellington during winter of 2015, where the page grew from 0 to 16,000 likes within a day. We have continued to grow our page since, and as soon as the .LIVE domains became available we established our website, www.wellington.live.

What sort of information are you looking to provide about Wellington?

Everything relevant, interesting, and important. We give the people what they want. This includes lots of the best photos from around Wellington, news updates, and updates on events unfolding within wellington e.g. fires, floods, earthquakes.

This is a resource for residents rather than tourists?

Yes! Wellington Live is made for the people living in Wellington, to get quick access to the information they need from the sources that give it best, from our hub on Wellington Live.

Tell me a little about the team behind Wellington Live.

My name is Lilia Alexander and I have managed everything around Wellington Live myself since the start. I was born and have grown up in Wellington, and am now in my second year of university here. I am 18 years old. My website is www.liliaalexander.com.

I often get friends to help out when I need, such as Alana Greve (18) who has also grown up in Wellington, and Toby Carr (17) who is a leading young entrepreneur in the technology industry (https://nz.linkedin.com/in/tobycarr).

What was the process of putting together the website like?

Well, the Facebook page already existed and was the base for Wellington Live, which made it easier to get people to go onto the website once it was ready. It was reasonably simple to create the website, as we use the tabs to link in information from websites which provide that certain information the best. It went live in November 2015.

Are there any misconceptions about Wellington that you’re looking to clear up?

I don’t think so. I think people generally have a pretty good idea about what Wellington is. We’re known for our cool culture, friendly and laid back. Wellington is often referred to as “The coolest little capital in the world.”

Do you have a social media presence or do anything beyond the website?

Yes! We have our Facebook page Wellington – LIVE with 26,000 likes. We have an Instagram @wellingtonlivenz with 7,600 followers currently. We also have a Snapchat account with over 1,400 people interacting.

How did you hear about .LIVE?

We discovered .LIVE from searching around for what would be the best for our domain, easiest to recognise under our brand, and simple for people to remember. We discovered that the .LIVE domains were going to become available, so held off creating the website for a month while we waited for .LIVE to become available for us, which we then registered straight away. Many people say how perfect it is that we use .LIVE, as our name is “Wellington Live” so the .LIVE allows our website to fully represent this, as www.wellington.live.

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