Multiple Domains: Embracing the value of new TLDs

Attorney Charles Gucciardo of The Gucciardo Law Firm, PLLC discusses his interest in new TLDs and motivation for registering dozens of domains in this week’s My Side of the Dot.

Where are you based?

My Manhattan office was located at 99 Wall Street for 23 years and two years ago we moved to 26 Broadway.  At the same time I expanded my Long Island office and opened a second location with full service on Old Country Road in the  county seat of Nassau County near the Supreme Court.

What motivated you to go into law?

My motivation to go into law was the lack of an option; my very motivated Sicilian father would not take no for an answer. I am very happy I decided to listen to him. I have had a wonderful career helping thousands of people who needed the help of someone who would actually care about them.

Although I started out as a prosecutor in the District Attorney’s office, I then went on to criminal defense while I was starting my personal injury practice which took about five years to get off the ground. I then practiced almost exclusively plaintiff’s personal injury until 1991 when I moved forward into medical malpractice. Today about half my caseload is in medical malpractice and the other 50 percent consists of car, bus, truck, and motorcycle accidents; construction accidents; and everything else that is on my website.  I actually try many cases every year; I absolutely love trial work.

What is your goal for yourself as an attorney, and for your practice as a whole?

My goal is to be of assistance to as many people as I can with diligence and attention. My practice continues to grow year after year as does the responsibility that goes along with it.  However, all this is manageable when you have staff who are hand-picked with the same ideals and who will all row the boat with the same vim and vigor.

How did you first learn about new TLDs?

I was fortunate enough to obtain my domain name for my website many years ago but unfortunately was too late to get any great legal .COM domains. One day I was driving to court and heard an ad on Pandora radio for new .NYC domains. I knew this was a tremendous opportunity and jumped on it immediately. I bought about 40 some odd different lawyer type names.

I then met Jebidiah Burnett (Senior Domain Consultant at Rightside) and learned more and more about the opportunities with these new TLDs that were doing so well with search engines. My interest continues to grow, as does my portfolio. I have developed a web directory with one of the names and the response that I have gotten in the New York area for placement is tremendous. I am very optimistic about the marketing on a national level.  The revenues should be in the nine figure range annually.

Were you interested in domains before you learned about new TLDs?

Only as it pertained to my immediate practice at the time.

How many domains would you estimate that you’ve registered?

Sixty to seventy at the moment. As soon as I get the first one up and running nationally, I will be doing the same for many that I have purchased.

How much have you invested in new TLDs thus far?

Over half a million dollars.

Why have you invested financially in these domains? What kind of return are you expecting on that investment?

When I first started buying TLDs it was only to establish these sites as a way to increase my law firm’s exposure on the web. However, as I became more involved, it quickly became evident that the increase in value of some of these one of a kind commodities was undeniable. The platform is what I call a Google magnet. So I went from no expectation of increase or return to knowing that these addresses are like real property and the value and appreciation will depend of course on the exact TLD, its level of desirability, and application to an end user much like property being valued by location, location, location. Perhaps the TLDs should be called a “Fee Simple Absolute” in cyberspace. There is no question that the web is not going away anytime soon and, as such, these specialized TLDs will continue to increase in value and should be part of any reasonable investor’s portfolio.

What are some of the domains you’ve registered?


What do you see as the value or purpose of domains?

The domains that I have purchased have no limit on upward value. .ATTORNEY, .LAWYER, .NYC, .FORSALE, to name a few, are gone once released and purchased. I saw it as a no-lose situation, even without actually developing sites for them.

Do you have a favorite new TLD?

Not really. They are like my fingers. They are all a little different, but I like them all just the same.

If you happen to be in Las Vegas for the upcoming Namescon conference, make sure to hear Charles Gucciardo speak on the Rightside sponsored panel titled “Investing in New TLDs: Making Money in the Short and Long Term” on January 23 at 2 p.m.

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