Llego la hora (punto) FUTBOL — Now is the time for .FUTBOL!

The time for .FUTBOL is here.

We say that not because the entire world will be glued to the television over the next month watching the World Cup (we call the couch!). We say that because .FUTBOL is now available for purchase!

The Spanish word for soccer/football is the web address teams, players, and true fans will identify with as they discuss their teams online.

To help us kick-off the .FUTBOL campaign, we worked with Official Red Bull Freestyle World Tour Player Daniel Dennehy. He showed us the passion of .FUTBOL with ridiculous trick videos “El Carrusel” and “La Catapulta.”

Check out all the videos at llegolahora.futbol. Get your own .FUTBOL web and email address at name.com.

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