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Three months after our new domain extension—.LIVE—came whirling onto the domain scene, capturing the hearts, minds, and attention spans of bloggers, vloggers, Periscopers, and the entertainment industry alike, it’s once more entering the spotlight with a Blab conversation about the value and appeal of .LIVE.
On Thursday, January 28 at 11 a.m. PST., Business Development Manager Marc Gawith will moderate a conversation with .LIVE adopters Ryan Bell, Mitch Jackson, and Brian Fanzo about their transition to .LIVE and the advantages of new domain extensions to rapidly growing industries and technologies including livestreaming.
Following the Periscope Community Summit January 14-17 in San Francisco and the announcement that event organizer Ryan Bell made the historic switch to www.summit.live, interest in .LIVE spiked, launching it to sixth place among Rightside domains and fifth in terms of premium sales.

“We made the switch to www.summit.live during the Periscope Community Summit in January because we believe it can make us bigger and tell our story in fewer letters,” said Bell. “The new .LIVE domain offers an untapped online landscape for new media and there is so much available. I immediately saw .LIVE as the new property for the Periscope movement. I feel like we’re hitting the Oregon Trail and we’re excited as hell.”

Brian Fanzo is the Chief Social Media Officer at MyChannel Inc and a member of the Periscope community. Mitch Jackson is a lawyer, speaker, live streamer, and legal change evangelist.

We’re particularly excited by the January 26 announcement that Periscope users can now live stream from their GoPro camera, creating new opportunities for .LIVE users.

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