.LIVE Domain: Pushing limits

Brian and Carrie of “Brian and Carrie: Let’s Eliminate Limits” (www.BrianandCarrie.live) discuss the challenges and rewards of working, and live streaming, as motivational experts in this week’s My Side of the Dot™.

Where are you based?
We live and work in Montreal, Canada, but host seminars, workshops, and retreats all over the world.

How and when did the two of you meet?
It’s an interesting story. Here’s the short version: In 2006, I was hired to do a two-day workshop for a company in Montreal (I was living in Chicago at the time). Carrie was in the audience those two days and I fell madly in love on the spot. We didn’t talk after that for three full years. On a snowy winter evening in November of 2009, my roommate and I were talking about love and she asked me if I had ever fallen in love with someone, but didn’t tell them. I said yes and told her the story of those two days back in 2006. I messaged Carrie that night (our first communication in more than three years) to tell her how I felt.

Where did the idea for “Brian and Carrie: Let’s Eliminate Your Limits” come from?
The real answer is that we’ve been working on it independently for more than 25 collective years. Carrie is a clinical counselor and I am a performance coach. Even before we had met, we both had generated the idea and teaching points related to learning how to understand your unconscious mind so that you can release yourself from the limits that it contains.

She applied this work to families in distress and children with special needs. I worked in the same manner with Olympic and professional athletes. When we got together, we simply merged our ideas, thoughts, and practical approaches into a seamless model that has proven successful for athletes, entrepreneurs, and couples worldwide.

What does it mean to eliminate limits? What sort of limits are you talking about?
The unconscious stories we all have that keep us stuck, and that we don’t even realize are there. Success in anything really isn’t about learning how to become successful, it’s about releasing from the reasons you’re not. The unconscious houses our perceptions, our belief systems, and our expectations. Together, those three factors drive the actions and habits we take every single day.

When people want to lose weight, for example, they really don’t need counseling related to exercise or nutrition. People generally know that movement is good, vegetables are good and lean proteins are good. But in the real world, the sabotage that knowledge by CHOOSING to be inactive or eat less than quality food. The basis of that extends to everything. Entrepreneurs spend endless amounts of money on books, courses, and coaching all for the purpose of learning how to market and make money. And yet, so many entrepreneurs struggle. It’s not that they don’t know WHAT to do, it’s that they continually sabotage those efforts. When we help people go into the unconscious (which is not as hard or freaky as it sounds), we shine a big light on the factors in their perceptions, belief systems, and expectations that are the REASONS they keep self-sabotaging. When you remove those limits, success comes SIMPLY.

What is your goal for “Brian and Carrie: Let’s Eliminate Your Limits”?
Our primary goal is to use www.BrianandCarrie.live as the central hub of our live stream show. Through the medium of interactive webcasting, we teach concepts related to how every single viewer can eliminate the limits in their own life, business, fitness, and relationships.

If you could tell people any one thing, give any one word of advice or encouragement, what would it be?
There is NO reality. There is your PERCEPTION of reality. You do not see the world as IT is. You see it as YOU are. What we think is what becomes. Change EVERYTHING or ANYTHING by changing the way you think or more specifically, what you think about. It really is that simple.

What is Brian and Carrie TV?
It’s our live stream show that we produce twice every week. While actually live, we also have a camera crew recording the entire event. We cut those segments up in post production and house them at www.BrianandCarrie.live for people to watch at their convenience.

Where do your clients come from?
Truly, worldwide. Right now, we work with people throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, and South America. And everyone from corporate executives and high-end entrepreneurs to athletes and physicians.

How did you hear about .LIVE?
A friend’s Facebook post, and we were immediately drawn to it because the .LIVE brand syncs so naturally with our unscripted, raw, and unrehearsed style.

Why did you decide to register a .LIVE domain in lieu of something more traditional like a .COM?
.COM is stale. It’s corporate. It’s predictable. It’s stuffy. .LIVE is fresh, real, raw, authentic, brazen, and inspiring. And we love that branding as an extension of who we are!

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