.LIVE domain: An entertainment company leverages the power of social media

Michael Weist, CEO and founder of Good Times Entertainment (www.goodtimes.live) discusses the power of social media and the appeal of .LIVE in this week’s My Side of the Dot™.

Where are you based?
Good ol’ music city—Nashville, TN. But we have a lot of partners and we do a lot of business in LA.

When and how did Good Times Entertainment get started?
We began in 2014. I started Good Times when I was just a junior in highschool. I was 17 at the time. I sold my car in order to finance it.

What services do Good Times Entertainment offer?
Good Times does a lot, really. We showcase and represent the top names and talent in social media. We are a talent agency. We have a network, Good Times TV, that focuses on releasing and producing our own series and shows We own a record label, SwerV Records, that has a team with over 10 Grammy Awards to their names. We host events and festivals across the US where we can connect fans and influencers in a unique way.

Who is the average Good Times Entertainment client?
Well, depends if you consider those we work for, clients, or the people we represent, clients. We represent those who have large followings across social media. So it really varies across all platforms. As far as those we work for, we have done a lot with different brands. People often contact us to promote their brands and products. For example, on the higher end, we’ve done work for HP, promoting their products, and then on the other side, we’ve done promotions for local businesses. Really, we try to create something for any budget.

What is your goal as a company?
Our goal is to have a good time, hence the name. We try to have fun but at the same time, we really do try to excel in our field. We’ve come to manage a large amount of the headlining talent across social media. I’d like to continue growing those we represent. As far as projects, I’d really love to work on something for the Grammys. I think it would be a great way to connect the Grammys with today’s youth on social media.

Obviously social media is integral to what you do. What do you see as the role of social media in developing and maintaining a personal brand?
It’s huge. It allows customers to find you easier, it allows brands to connect with one another. In today’s world, social media has a massive role in both businesses and personal connections. There’s an entire community within social media. I love it.

What is the biggest misconception about what you do?
People often question how social media can make money. But it’s rather interesting. It is an entire industry. From merchandising to brand deals to simply YouTube monetization, social media has so many opportunities. And it’s always changing, which is awesome.

How do your clients find you?
People can connect through our website, www.GoodTimes.live. We also have all of the talent we manage put our booking email, booking@goodtimesentertainment.info in their bios. Often, we connect with clients at events or even by referrals.

How did you hear about .LIVE?
I honestly was just searching for a new domain, and it just came to me.

Why did you decide to register .LIVE in lieu of a more traditional alternative like .COM?
It’s more unique; I think it sticks with you. It’s easy to remember. It also shows what we are doing.

Have you gotten any feedback on your .LIVE domain?
People love it. It’s unique and easy to remember and access.

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