Let’s get hacking!

Seattle …

We have been doing Hackathons with domain names for a while now. Our Hack The Dot events have happened across the country and across the globe (miss you, Dublin!) for a couple years now.

People gather, coders and non coders alike, and try to build something (an app, a site, even a presentation) that uses that domain name. Teams are judged but in a fun way. There’s free food, free beverages, and LOTS of domain names and giveaways.

This Wednesday (and every second Wednesday of each month) we are excited to have a Hack The Dot at Galvanize Seattle. Their offices are beautiful and every Hack The Dot is a great time.

It’s free so come down for a couple hours of coding, funning, and eating!

San Francisco …

We are also excited to be having a Hack The Dot in San Francisco on June 21. Not only will you get the great time described above, but you will also get MORE JARED EWY! That’s right, more Jared for the same low price of free.

Again at a Galvanize location, it is always an exceptionally good time with food, fun, and domains.

After the Hack The Dot in SF, Jared and I will be hopping in a rental car and heading to ….

Vidcon …

Rightside and Name.com are heading to Anaheim to the Greatest place on Earth!

No, Not Disneyland … VIDCON!!!

Running for three days and hosting some of the biggest names in the online video world, VidCon has been a “must go” conference since 2010. Last year over 21,000 people attended including the biggest YouTube and streaming celebrities.

With our TLD, .LIVE, we have been so pleased to have been welcomed into this community and are excited to show our love, give out domains, swag, and meet all our .LIVE supporters out there.

Be sure to come see us June 23-25 at the booth and say hi! Megan Campbell, Christina Holding, Jared Ewy, and I will be making videos, interviewing people, and asking for your best stories. It will be glorious.

Send comments to blog@rightside.news.

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