SEO- and Geo-Rich Domains for the Legal Profession

With just two weeks until the kick off of our premium domain promotion, offering unlimited $10 annual renewals on our most valuable domains registered over the course of the promotion, we figured it’s about time to start strategizing. There are almost one million premium domains available through this promotion, and who’s got time to scroll through that list? Who are you, Santa Claus?

We thought we’d make it easier on you by highlighting certain areas of interest where keyword-rich terms and high premium prices across the more standard gTLDs might make for a valuable investment. Specifically, we’re focusing on premium domains with special appeal to the legal industry. Between .LAWYER and .ATTORNEY and the fact that the legal profession is among the most competitive and highly priced SEM industries in the country, investing in keyword-rich premium domains across the .LAWYER and .ATTORNEY extensions makes perfect sense.

It’s all but impossible to acquire a domain name that features the word “lawyer” or “attorney” without making a significant investment. Presently, every major city name—New York, Miami, Seattle, etc.—combined with the word “attorney” or “lawyer” is registered across the legacy TLDs. In fact, there are more than 1,000 registered domains that contain the word “New York,” “attorney,” and some practice-specific modifier like “divorce” or “immigration.” But it’s still possible to purchase .ATTORNEY or .LAWYER domains across every major city or state in the United States, and with our upcoming Premium promotion, the timing couldn’t be better.

As an example of the value of premium domains across the legal profession, consider, which is currently available for a suggested retail price of $1,875. As a point of comparison, is also currently for sale for $22,800, and Estibot puts the value of this aftermarket premium at $16,000. Besides costing significantly less, is memorable, unique, and contemporary. See below for a larger table with examples:

A comparison of premium domain prices across different gTLDs shows that new gTLDs provide good value.
A comparison of premium domain prices across different gTLDs shows that new gTLDs provide good value.

For people interested in this valuable inventory, we’ve included a sample list you can download that shows every available .ATTORNEY and .LAWYER domain that matches a city or town in the states of California, Texas, Florida and New York. For buyers interested in a larger portfolio of these premiums or any of our Platinum domains, you can contact our sales team to negotiate a price.

If you are interested in learning more about our upcoming Premium promotion, check out this article.

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