July Events Recap

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of activity that sent Rightsiders all across the country where they gained important insight and learnings about the domain industry, shared ideas with domainers and advocates, and indulged in the regional cuisine. This is what they had to say:

Brian Dillon, Sr. Designer
Hack the Dot: Seattle & Austin

My Goals …

  • Learn from the venerable Sean Ottey how to run Hack the Dot events.
  • Help all attendees have a great time.
  • Raise awareness about new domain names, and how they inspire creativity.

My Takeaways …

  • The winning team in Austin came up with a fantastic use case for .LIVE domains: mini-apps that create content on-the-fly—in this case, a meme generator.
  • The quiet teams can be the most hilarious.

Favorite nonprofessional aspect …
It’s really incredible to see the teams, often comprised of complete strangers, quickly dive into these collaborative, creative projects. At first, the teammates might be a little reserved—testing the waters, but by the end they are huddling together for group photos!

Ron West, Engineering Manager
HostingCon 2016, New Orleans, LA

My goals …

Interface directly with customers about where Enom is, where our technology goals are. I was also there to collect customer needs and pain points and see how they actually use our systems. Another goal was to see what other products and services we should be reselling.

My takeaways …

I had customers who were both resellers and a bulk register customers pull us aside because we had Enom shirts on. All of them were super excited to see us, and were over the top happy with being a customer of ours. As a tech team, we tend to focus on the little issues we have to fix every day and the services we haven’t yet built. But our customers are really happy being with us!

My favorite nonprofessional aspect of the event …

The networking events were very highly productive. It was also great to see the people around our industry. Thanks to Symantec for the FitBit that I won!

Etc …

The team that I went to this event with (Brandon Poier, Michael Fountain, and Scott Ryder) were amazing to watch in action. The way they were both personal and professional to everyone they interacted with, actually helped drive people to ask how they can do MORE business with us.

Leslie McGuire, Channel Marketing Manager
9Mile Labs Meet/Greet

My goals …

I’m a mentor with the 9Mile Labs so my goal was twofold; I wanted to meet with the new cohorts and learn how I could support them through the program and I also wanted to chat with the new cohorts about the benefits of new domain names for startups. With 145 million .COM/.NET sites registered, it’s hard for new companies to find their first, second, or even third choice. New domains like .ROCKS, .LIVE, .SOCIAL, etc., provide them with an opportunity to get their first choice and stand out from the .COM crowd.

My takeaways …

It’s so exciting to see 9Miles Lab help develop a world-class entrepreneurial community here in Seattle. This group of cohorts will bring great value to the area and beyond. We met with an amazing group of new startups – they quickly understood the benefits, were quick to pickup information. Startups are hard work and need great marketing tools to help build their brand, drive traffic and stand out from their competitors.

Etc …

Their new location in Galvanize in Pioneer Square has the best rooftop patio—we could take in views of the Seattle skyline and the ferries as they crossed Elliott Bay.

Michael Fountain, Principal Product Manager
HostingCon Global 2017 in New Orleans

The eNom team went "full stacks" on vendors at HostingCon in New Orleans.
The eNom team went “full stacks” on vendors at HostingCon in New Orleans.

My goals …

Meet with customers and partners in person. Listen and understand how they consume our domains and value added services. Share the Enom API roadmap with them.

My takeaways …

A good portion of the industry continues to “shift-left” when they move on from one company to another. It’s a great way to expand opportunities to work together in new ways. Meeting up at HostingCon is a great way to keep a pulse on what’s happening behind the scenes. And our Enom shirts were easily spotted all over the event. Even though we had no booth, we had many impromptu meetings with current customers.

My favorite nonprofessional aspect of the event …

Listening to Ron go “full-stack” in conversations with partners and potential new vendors. He was able to go toe-to-toe with a few BizDev folks and get down and geeky with engineers without skipping a beat.

Etc …

While I love New Orleans hospitality and food having grown up in the deep south, I don’t miss that humidity one bit! But, I’d still brave multiple showers a day for another shimp po-boy, crawfish etouffee, and Barq’s rootbeer in the bottle!

Jeffrey Eckhaus, SVP, Market Development
World Domain Conference, Wuzhen China

My goals …

Meet and learn from the top domain executives in China and the world.

My takeaways …

The Chinese domain ecosystem is robust and diverse and excited to see some of the innovative ideas coming out of the region.

My favorite nonprofessional aspect of the event …

Wuzhen has no roads for cars, like Venice, so navigating through the town via canals was an adventure.

Etc …

This is a conference that happens once every three years and was worth the wait.

Scott Ryder, VP Channel

My goals …

Talk with partners about the increased importance of sophisticated merchandising of TLDs due to the large increase in the number of options. Introduce Rightside’s domain suggestion tool as a path to presenting the right TLD at the right time.

My takeaways …

While many people selling domains still face merchandising challenges, there’s a growing understanding of the need to do a better job of presenting new TLD options.

My favorite nonprofessional aspect of the event …

It was great to visit the area where I spent the first 30 years of my life. I miss a lot about Louisiana, including seeing my family, but the thing I miss most is the food. I took advantage of breaks between meetings to indulge in my favorite New Orleanian restaurants.

Of course, our calendar for the coming months is as busy as ever. These are the events you can expect to find us at in August:

Aug. 10 – Hack the Dot, Seattle
Aug. 18 – DevRel Summit, Seattle
Aug. 18 – Hexonet Domain Cruise, Vancouver
Aug. 25 – Hack the Dot, Dallas

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