Jambalaya and networking

If it hasn’t already been established, Rightside employees get to visit some pretty awesome places in the name of spreading the word about new TLDs. In the last month alone, we’ve been to China, Austin, Helsinki, San Francisco, and Palm Springs. We’ve met some incredible people, shared ideas, ate reindeer, and, hopefully, pushed the needle on growing awareness of new TLDs.

But a young industry’s work is never done and there are still a number of incredible places we haven’t yet visited. So, VP of Channel Scott Ryder, will be attending HostingCon in his hometown of New Orleans from June 25-27. Specifically, Scott is looking to set up meetings with partners about Rightside’s Domain Suggestion Spinner, although beignets, jambalaya, and seafood will also rank high on his to-do list. The annual event, which the website calls “the global event for the cloud and service provider ecosystem” will feature a networking lounge and partner hosted events including a bar crawl on the evening of July 24, possibly extending into the early hours of July 25. And with more than a dozen educational sessions, attendees can expect to leave with plenty of notes and ideas, as well as a newfound craving for the spice of Creole cuisine.

In addition to our Rightside presence, three members of Enom’s senior product and engineering team will be in attendance to meet with various partners and resellers and discuss a number of products and policies. Anyone interested in meeting with the Enom team can reach out to Michael Fountain at mf@enom.rocks or on Twitter @mfount.

If you’re interested in scheduling a meeting with Scott Ryder at HostingCon, you can reach him at scott.ryder@rightside.ninja.

Send comments to blog@rightside.news.

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