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Ryan Bell, the founder of Periscope Summit, taking place January 14-17 in San Francisco, is among the early adopters of .LIVE–the new domain extension for entertainment, broadcasting, and anyone with the courage to live in the moment. This is what Bell had to say about Periscope Summit making the move to, new domain extensions, and his bra size.

Where are you based?
I’ve moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles recently. The merger of tech and entertainment has moved more toward the entertainment side … so LA makes the most sense.

What is the Periscope Summit? When and how did it start, and what is your relationship to it?
I began Summit with the idea of getting the most powerful live streaming stars together and creating a vortex. With the help of volunteers and friends we made this massive and brilliant thing.

How would you describe Periscope to someone who knows nothing about it? What’s the appeal?
Hahahaha. I do that all the time. I tell folks that it’s live broadcasting with engagement. I also use these terms, “it’s live TV with text from your phone” and “mobile engaged broadcasting.” The problem is that they still don’t get it so I just end up pulling out my phone and showing them or downloading it on theirs.

How did you first get involved in live streaming? Where is live streaming at, as an activity and industry, and where do you see it going?
My friend Marc told me I’d be good on Periscope. I’d never heard of it so I downloaded it and … well, here we are. We’re still in the early adoption phase. People will continue to fight to make the best content and therefore content will get better and better. Other platforms will be released. Some will succeed and some will fail, but it will push the other platforms to innovate. It’s going to be a badass time in broadcasting when new stars emerge rapidly.

What are you anticipating in terms of numbers of participants in this summit? Is there anything new, different, exciting going on?
Oh dear lord … we had 500 at the last one. We should have about 1,000 at this one. I always like to stress the venue I’m at … it looks good on video.

How did you hear about .LIVE? What’s motivating you to make the transition to
I’m not going to say anything about the other older dots. .LIVE came up in conversation with my friend Matt (I only have friends whose name start with the letter “M”) and I immediately saw that as the new property for this movement. It’s new landscape for a new media and there is so much available. I feel like making my claims like we’re hitting up Oregon Trail.

We’ve switched to today because for us it’s something that can make us bigger and tell our story in less letters. We’re excited as hell.

As a branding and marketing specialist, what’s your take on new domain extensions like .LIVE? Are there any other new domain extensions besides .LIVE that you’ve got your eye on?
Oh man, I get in trouble with my wife about buying domains all the time. IMO you’re owning a part of the language of tech and each domain basically has the potential to be something big. I own domains in .COM, .TV, .LIVE, .REHAB, .AUCTION, .IO … to name a few. My friend Chris Heuer (okay, not an “M”) just sold half of his domains and now owns 800. That’s pretty simple math that tells you that Chris has a problem.

Is there anything you’d like to add?
Bra size.

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