Introducing .democrat

As the new domain program continues to gain steam, creating and molding online identities after one’s own affiliations will continue to be a top priority.  And today, that dynamic moves forward, as we announce that.DEMOCRAT is now officially available for pre-registration.

So what does pre-registration mean? It means two things.  First, trademark holders can safeguard the domain name that matches their trademark.  To qualify for purchase, trademarks must be validated with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), a centralized database that verifies trademark information. Once validated, the new domain will be available for registration through any of our registrar partners. Second, the customers of our registrar partners can pre-order domain names that are not trademarks.

Could there be a better time to launch a political domain? As things heat up in the U.S. Primaries, .DEMOCRAT will be a magnet for all wanting to pin their colors to the flag.  .DEMOCRAT will give members of this complex network instant recognition, creating a stronger voice that will benefit from the increased visibility.

We believe .DEMOCRAT appeals to a large addressable market-from elected officials, candidates, political enthusiasts to anyone who simply identifies with Democratic values. There are 2.2 million monthly searches for the word “Democrat,” and there are 43 million registered Democrats in the U.S. The .DEMOCRAT domain extension gives Democrats a place to unite online—it’s recognizable and credible, and shows your pride in the party.

But it doesn’t have to be as extensive as that. A .DEMOCRAT website can be effective regardless of scale. It could be the destination for a large website, or for something as simple as a place to request donations..DEMOCRAT means endless possibilities, from a landing page for the Democratic National Convention to a high school election.

At its core, .DEMOCRAT will offer those passionate about political identity a new avenue to express themselves online.

We’re currently in the Sunrise phase. Trademark owners have until April 7thto claim their domain name-for more information, please go to

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