Solve the mystery of this interactive musik .VIDEO

DomainSpotting showcases a few of the great new gTLD use cases we’ve discovered in the last couple of weeks. We often share these links between ourselves, but what we really want to do is get some of these awesome use cases out there to inspire others to take their online presence to the next level with new gTLDs. This week, we have an awesome, German .VIDEO you interact with to “solve,” a memorable way to share links online, and two amazing musical acts.


Opening screenshot of Kontra K's music video for An Deiner Seite
German rapper Kontra K with a cool interactive music video

In one of the most gripping uses of a .VIDEO we’ve ever seen, German rapper Kontra K produces an interactive music video for “An Deiner Seite” [“Next to You”]. Hold down the spacebar during the video to flip between the two halves of the story being told and see which ending you get. [Note: Some violent imagery is depicted in the video]


Screenshot of Telecom Italia's Facebook page showing TIM dot Social used in their calls to action
Telecom Italia leverages the power of a branded short link

Telecom Italia puts their TIM.SOCIAL domain to great use, both as a branded redirect to their Facebook page, as well as for a branded short link, as seen above. Rather than clicking on a jumble of random characters generated by a generic link shortening service, TIM’s audience has a more descriptive (and trusted) link to follow.


The Jacksons on stage in front of their adoring fans
The Jacksons, R&R Hall of Famers, know how to put on a live show

Bands have many domain extensions to choose from; with options like .ROCKS and .BAND in our portfolio alone, it’s easy for musicians to get the name they want online. Rock-and-Roll Hall of Famers, The Jacksons, use another popular extension (.LIVE) for their homepage. The Jacksons’ live performances were and are legendary, so it’s no wonder this is the domain they went with.


Band SOJA uses dot video, dot social, and dot live as complementary domains
Reggae band SOJA uses a trio of complementary domains to connect with their fans

This week we highlighted examples of a .VIDEO, .SOCIAL, and .LIVE domain, but how about a use case that’s all three in one? Grammy-nominated reggae band SOJA uses several social media platforms to connect with fans. In this way, SOJA can put their brand—not YouTube’s, Facebook’s, or Twitter’s—at the center of their calls to action.


Have you seen other examples of new gTLDs in the wild? Send them to us at or post them yourself with the #DomainSpotting.

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