HostingCon Global 2015: Come for the burritos, stay for the caricatures

HostingCon Global 2015 kicked off Sunday, July 26 with a series of roundtables and conferences, and Monday’s shaping up to be an equally informative experience–particularly if cloud playbooks and cybersecurity get your motor running (and, let’s be honest, we’re in the domain industry, so obviously they do).

While our teammates at eNom have been active participants in past years, this marks the first year that Rightside has hosted a booth at HostingCon Global–booth #535 near the networking area, to be precise. And we aim to make an impression. Our crack team consists of Business Development Manager David Mason, Reseller Sales Senior Manager Johnny Kim, and tech evangelist Sean Ottey, who has a background in comedy, which might just make him the most interesting person in the room. Or, at least, the person who has experienced the most rejection. Either way, these are two people you’ll want to get to know.

Drop by our booth tomorrow during the exhibit hall open hours from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. or Wednesday between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Here’s 5 reasons it will be the best decision you made all day:

  • 1. Free swag. Obviously, we wouldn’t be operating a booth at HostingCon if we didn’t have some cool swag. In this case, it’s a t-shirt. A really cool t-shirt that you really need.
  • 2. Information about the hottest new domain to drop since the last really cool new domain dropped. Of course, we’re talking about .NEWS, which launched into General Availability on Wednesday, July 15 and has already taken the domain world–and beyond–by storm with more than 13,000 sold. Want to talk with someone about purchasing your own .NEWS domain? Our Rightside reps are ready and willing to give you all the necessary information, and maybe even a price discount if you’re a good enough sweet talker.
  • 3. Your very own caricature by Julia Kelly. Sure, you’ve probably got one from that time you visited the state fair in junior high. But you’ve done a lot of growing since then and you deserve to have an updated professional version to post on LinkedIn or include with your resume or whatever.
  • 4. Someone needs to witness tech evangelist Sean Ottey’s antics. Seriously, he lives for an audience. And we can guarantee that he’ll do something that definitely qualifies as silly, probably foolish, and possibly even illegal. We take our domains as seriously as the next registrar with a portfolio of nearly 40 new TLDs, but who says domains can’t come with a side of fun?
  • 5. The Mexican food, and specifically the burritos. Technically, this isn’t really a reason to visit our booth so much as it is a reason to visit San Diego. But if you’re not in San Diego, clearly you should be. Just grab the next flight. And once you arrive in San Diego and consume the requisite half-dozen or so burritos, you might as well drop by our booth to get sketched by our caricaturist.

Stay classy, San Diego.

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