DomainSpotting: Highlighting Website Builders

DomainSpotting doesn’t exist without people, brands and businesses putting our first-rate TLDs to use. Website building tools, like Wix, Weebly, Dreamhost’s Remixer, or’s recently launched Prologue, are some of the easiest ways to get content in front of an audience. This edition of DomainSpotting highlights a few of our domains, each of which has used a website builder to furnish their digital property. This week, we have a many-faced creature, an inspirational cosplayer, a mobile art studio, an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, and a sailboat recycler.


Paul Warren uses a dot actor domain to show off amazing pictures of his creature performances in huge movie franchises
Paul has probably been in a movie you’ve seen recently, you just didn’t know it

Would it surprise you to know that Star Wars, Harry Potter, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Clash of the Titans all shared a star in common? That would be Paul Warren, a “creature performer” who delivers his performances behind masks, costumes, and hours and hours of makeup. The website he built on his .ACTOR domain displays some amazing photos from his work on some of the silver screen’s biggest franchises.


Unique Lexique's dot Live landing page tells her story and shows where else to find her online
Unique Lexique’s landing page tells her story and shows where else to find her online

Lexique is a live streamer and motivational speaker that is infatuated with all things Disney, from the parks, to the movies, to the characters. She draws on her experiences with chronic illness to inspire her followers, who can read her story and find all of her social platforms at her one-page site at UniqueLexique.LIVE.


Poppybox dot studio is a mobile painting party that you can book for birthdays, corporate events, and fundraisers
Poppybox brings the paint, you bring the talent

Typically, the “studio” in the .STUDIO domain extension implies a permanent, physical place. For Poppybox, that place could literally be your own home, office, or party space. Poppybox travels all over Colorado, bringing the canvas and paint so attendees of anything from a birthday party to a fundraiser can try their hand at painting. Their website gives them the opportunity to show off their services, tell their story, and book their next gig.


Day One uses an exact-match .CONSULTING domain to further their entrepreneurial vision
An exact-match domain can go a long way to demonstrate your business’ professionalism

Many organizations help other entrepreneurs get their idea off the ground. Day One Consulting—located outside of Dallas, Texas—helps the cities, towns, and municipalities that want those entrepreneurs to start businesses in their area. Day One understands that a slick website is a necessary step to inspire confidence in their business, and their exact-match .CONSULTING domain reinforces their name with every visit.


The dot Navy domain is a perfect complement for ReVela's recycling of old sailing materials
Old sails see new life in Brazil’s Capital of Sailing

In Ilhabela—a sailboater’s dream off the coast of São Paulo, Brazil—sails, canvas, and many other shipboard materials are simply discarded once they’re worn down. Not so at ReVela, which produces totes, purses, sofa covers, and many other custom decorative pieces using various nautical fabrics otherwise destined for the dump. Their website, at, has the perfect domain name worthy of Brazil’s “Capital of Sailing.”

Have you seen other examples of new gTLDs in the wild? Send them to us at or post them yourself with the #DomainSpotting. See more examples of new domains at Showcase.NINJA.

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