Google just handed new domains SEM domination on a platter

We all know new domain extensions are fun and interesting. They’re an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. They’ve opened up new frontiers of available online real estate. But to quote (and perhaps take minor liberties with) Duke Ellington, “You can’t take it to the bank if it ain’t got that SEO rank.”

And after an infographic of the 100 most expensive keywords on Google—based on research conducted by SEMrush—began circulating the internet, it became a lot more difficult to argue that the right new domain extension could do anything but help a brand’s SEM standing. Why? The most valuable Google keywords also happen to coincide with Rightside’s domain portfolio—and three industry-specific new domain extensions in particular.

The study revealed that 78% of the most expensive keywords relate to the law and 4% relate to drug and alcohol rehab facilities and programs. It just so happens that Rightside’s .ATTORNEY, .LAWYER, and .REHAB extensions perfectly coincide with these keyword-rich industries. It’s also worth noting that 58% of the keywords in the top 100 list were geo-specific, typically combining an industry or service with a city and/or state. Specifically, these are the top 10 Google keywords based on the cost per click:

  • San Antonio car wreck attorney
  • Accident attorney Riverside VA
  • Personal injury attorney Colorado
  • Top personal injury attorneys
  • Motorcycle accident attorneys Los Angeles
  • Structure settlements
  • Car accident attorney Orange County
  • Austin drug rehab
  • Orange County accident attorney
  • West Palm beach criminal lawyer

Nine out of these 10 high-value keywords could be registered as an exact match or near exact match domain extension, significantly reducing a company’s SEM spending. Imagine the following:

  • www.SanAntonioCarWreck.Attorney
  • www.RiversideVAAccident.Attorney
  • www.ColoradoPersonalInjury.Attorney
  • www.TopPersonalInjury.Attorneys
  • www.LosAngelesMotorcycleAccident.Attorney
  • www.OrangeCountyCarAccident.Attorney
  • www.AustinDrug.Rehab
  • www.OrangeCountyAccident.Attorney
  • www.WestPalmBeachCriminal.Lawyer

For anyone confused by the price variation among domains which can cost anywhere from 99 cents to tens of thousands of dollars, the use of a high-value keyword in a domain is likely to increase both the price and value of a domain. When the use of a domain such as www.SanAntonioCarWreck.Attorney potentially saves a company tens of thousands of dollars in SEM costs, the value of the domain increases. And since so many new domain extensions just happen to be an exact match with so many keyword-rich terms that place well in Google search rankings, it shouldn’t take long for brands and digital marketers to begin to recognize their value.

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