Going nitro with .LIVE

Nitro Circus, the world’s largest action sports collective (currently with 11.5 million likes on Facebook) and an early adopter of .LIVE, has a hard-earned reputation for going big and being bold. Besides spending the last year touring across five continents and nearly every state in America, the Nitro Circus marketing team has taken an equally innovative and unique approach with its digital marketing efforts. Nitro Circus was one of the first to buy and implement a new domain ending – .LIVE – when it first became available just over 9 months ago to promote its live touring show, aptly called Nitro Circus Live (www.nitrocircus.live). Taking its next big step, the company is hosting the first ever Nitro World Games tomorrow, July 16, in Salt Lake City, Utah. According to Mike Cowan, the company’s SVP and Global Head of Digital, “.LIVE plays a vital role in the games’ marketing strategy.”

While the Nitro World Games is physically taking place in the United States (broadcasting in prime-time on NBC), Nitro Circus is also taking advantage of an increasingly popular and global trend – live streaming – to get their unique “content” in front of a much larger audience. Outside of the United States of America, alternative sports fans from around the world will be given free, live streaming access to the games at www.nitroworldgames.live.

“I’m completely sold on .LIVE,” said Cowan, who has plans to register additional .LIVE domains as both a geographic search marketing and branding strategy to promote tours in individual cities as well as a means to give individual athletes within the Nitro Circus family simpler and more memorable domain names to use and share with their audiences. By the time the Nitro World Games take place, Cowan anticipates that promotional videos and content will have hit more than 30 million views. According to Cowan, “The event’s web address, www.nitroworldgames.live, will reach 100 million people through marketing and promotional materials shared around the world.”

While unconventional, Cowan is excited for the opportunity to go “all in” with a new domain ending as significant part of its branding and call-to-action strategy. Besides the benefit of creating a simpler and more memorable call to action for customers purchasing event tickets online, Cowan estimates that the efficiency of their .LIVE exact name match across billboards and radio ads has increased Nitro Circus’ profit to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

The use of the .LIVE domain extension has grown tremendously since its launch (it’s already the 44th ranked new domain extension in purchase volume and one of the fastest growing according to nTLD Stats). Much of that success can be attributed to the rapid adoption and excitement around this domain from the live streaming creator community. However, Nitro Circus’ investment in, and prominent use of, their .LIVE domain(s) to brand, advertise and promote both its live streams and its physical events demonstrates the versatility and uniqueness of this domain name. Thanks to brands like Nitro Circus, .LIVE is rapidly developing a reputation as a bold and modern marketing tool for brands characterized by passion and authenticity. And we can’t wait to see where it turns up next. Of course, we’re also pretty excited to see who wins the coveted prize for best scooter trick at the Nitro World Games tomorrow night. Be sure to tune in or live stream with us!

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