Four further cases of .LIVE success

DomainSpotting is a showcase for some of the new gTLD use cases we find as we explore the online namespace. We often share these links between ourselves, but what we really want to do is get some of these awesome use cases out there to inspire others to take their online presence to the next level with new gTLDs. In the last edition of DomainSpotting, we got to know how singers, motivational speakers, and artists all use their .LIVE domain. But the versatility of this domain extension makes for a very diverse group of users. That’s why we have another collection of live-related domains this week: basketball games, Vine stars, amateur e-publishers, and a professional video game player.


Buckets dot live helps anyone stream their school or amateur basketball team's game
Multi-billion dollar professional teams aren’t the only ones getting in on sports streaming

Sports is still one of the pillars keeping broadcast and cable TV networks going, but consumers are beginning to expect more and better sporting event livestream options. While most major sports leagues have streaming of some kind, student and amateur games can still get in on the action, too. Buckets.LIVE helps schools and small leagues stream their basketball games online without having to build a massive TV production infrastructure.


Thomas Sanders uses his name dot live domain to drive followers to enter a contest to win VIP tickets to his new show
Vine star Thomas Sanders is making his big, in-person debut with “Ultimate Storytime”

Thomas Sanders can tell a story in six seconds of video. As one of the most popular stars on Vine, he’s built a following eight-million strong, and has parlayed that into a 17-city tour to meet his fans. He’s using a .LIVE domain to promote the tour and run a giveaway for free VIP tickets to the shows. Once the tour is over, he’ll have the flexibility to use ThomasSanders.LIVE again for future promotions, or redirect it to something else.


Magazine dot live helps anyone put together an emagazine and share it with any audience they choose
Do-it-yourself magazine publishing turns thought into digital ink in just a few clicks

If Vine proves how hungry the market is for quick, satisfying snippets of video, Magazine.LIVE does the same for the printed word. While many magazines and periodicals have gone out of business in the last few years, consumers still flock to similar content on their tablets, phones, and e-readers. Magazine.LIVE can help anyone throw together a magazine in an electronic format quickly, then share it with their whole audience instantly.


Incon uses a dot live, dot video, and dot social to help manage his esports brand
Whether an entertainer or athlete, Incon can direct his fans to his three complementary domains

Riley Unzelman—better known by his gaming handle, Incon—is one of the top ranked players in the video game Smite. Esports is bringing in a lot of eyeballs, both in person and online, so businesses and brands are rushing in to get in on this fast-growing phenomenon. For Riley, Incon is his brand, one that is served well by a complementary domain strategy using not only a .LIVE redirecting to his Twitch stream, but also a .SOCIAL for his Twitter account, and a .VIDEO for his YouTube channel.

Have you seen other examples of new gTLDs in the wild? Send them to us at or post them yourself with the #DomainSpotting.

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