Five different ways to go .LIVE

One of the reasons that we’re so excited about the .LIVE wave is because artists, content creators, and entrepreneurs now have the ability to stand out from the .COM crowd. We’re seeing more and more great examples of .LIVE domains in action, too. DomainSpotting showcases a few of the great new gTLD use cases we’ve discovered in the last couple of weeks. We often share these links between ourselves, but what we really want to do is get some of these awesome use cases out there to inspire others to take their online presence to the next level with new gTLDs. This week, we have a mix of five different .LIVE domains, each with their own take on this incredibly flexible domain extension.


Eric Church on stage in an image for his tour date page
Eric Church’s music is best experienced “.LIVE”

Country-music star Eric Church sells out venues all over the United States, so it’s clear that .LIVE is the right choice to direct ticket buyers to his upcoming tour dates. Even better, he streams live on Facebook for 3.5 million fans, getting hundreds of thousands of views on the resulting videos. His branding of .LIVE is a great strategy because it consolidates both of these forms of live entertainment under a single, catchy domain.


Sean Stephenson during one of his daily Facebook streams
Sean Stephenson uplifts and inspires with regular Facebook Live streams

Author and motivational speaker Sean Stephenson dispenses daily advice to over 868,000 Facebook fans. Born with a condition called Osteogenesis imperfecta, Sean overcame the odds by surviving childhood, and now inspires others to stay positive. His redirect of SeanStephenson.LIVE to his Facebook page shows his commitment to using Facebook Live as a platform to engage with his audience.


Two artists paint for events and parties live
You’re in for a decadent experience if these two .LIVE artists show up to your next party

WePaint.LIVE is exactly what it sounds like: Two artists, Amanda Maccagnan and Vera Malitskaya, will come to your event and paint. It’s an unusual, but intriguing service for party organizers, and it seems to be catching on. This year, they’re even expanding into the exciting new world of virtual reality artwork. The .LIVE domain is perfect for anyone taking a static piece of art, and infusing an in-person performance component to it.


Game Tracker app page for live video game release dates
Game on! This app gives you live updates of all the latest video game releases

Video games have become a multi-billion dollar industry, in part because millions of avid gamers jump on board popular titles as soon as they’re released. So it’s no wonder that someone has made an app to keep track of what games are coming out and when. Game Tracker uses a .LIVE domain to communicate to gamers that their platform is an up-to-date, constantly refreshed database of game releases.

Collab.LIVE (branded short link)

Screenshot of tweets advertising Collab.Live event app
Branded link shorteners like Collab.LIVE see much better engagement than generic link generators

Collab.LIVE is not in itself an active website. But Classy, a company which runs a fundraising platform for nonprofits, knows a great branding opportunity when they see one. When they hosted the Collaborative Conference this past June, they used Collab.LIVE as a branded short link. Conference attendees could download the event app from the .LIVE link, which was a far more attractive, on-brand call to action than they could have gotten with a generic link shortening service.


Have you seen other examples of new gTLDs in the wild? Send them to us at or post them yourself with the #DomainSpotting.

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