Five Things to Do with that Domain You Registered Defensively

First of all, congratulations on your recent domain acquisition! Although you valiantly have taken measures to protect your brand, we realize that defensively registering a domain might not be the thrill of your career. Take heart, though, for we see the defensive registration of a new domain as an exciting opportunity for a brand to tell its story—and, perhaps more importantly, to attempt something bold, innovative, and exciting.

From an economic perspective, you’ve registered the domain; so why not put it to work doing something besides gathering dust in your registrar account? Here’s five inexpensive and easy ways you or your company can utilize that new domain, right now:

  • Use it for a microsite or micro campaign. You’ve got to admit that looks great on a billboard—certainly much better than a QR code—and it sounds great on the radio. It’s just different enough to turn heads and position your brand as savvy to emerging tech trends and developments.
  • Redirect it to a third party social platform. Is your brand on Facebook? YouTube? Periscope? If so, there’s a good chance your brand is getting lost in a lengthy and forgettable domain like or By redirecting to your Facebook page, to your YouTube page, and to your Periscope page, you’re providing your customers and audience with a memorable and quality path to your content that puts your brand front and center.
  • Use it to emphasize a page on your website that’s not getting its fair share of attention. It can be challenging to direct your audience to a specific page of your website, especially if they have to navigate an extensive website menu in order to get there. By setting that new domain to redirect to a particular page of your website you’re providing your audience with a clear and exciting path to that content, whether it’s leading to a careers or company culture page or as a showcase for a corporate philanthropy page.
  • Aggregate your social media streams or track a particular hashtag. Whether your brand is hosting a contest or giveaway or simply wants to make the most of your social network aggregation by sharing the feed with your audience, pointing a descriptive and unique domain at that feed is a great way to celebrate this content as a destination. For social media aggregation domains like and are fantastic options.
  • Augment your SEM efforts. There are more websites and third party content to compete with than ever before, meaning that getting found is half the battle. A recent study of the 100 most expensive keywords on Google revealed that the industry specificity of these searches happens to coincide with—and in many cases exactly match—these search terms. By redirecting a keyword-rich domain to your website, or outright transitioning to a more keyword-rich domain, brands can significantly improve their search engine rankings even in the most competitive fields like law. When personal injury attorney Eric S. Block realized he couldn’t match his competitors’ SEM spending, he decided to make the transition from to Where the previous website had failed to rank at all for any relevant search terms, Eric Block’s new .ATTORNEY website ranks first for the search term “Jacksonville + Attorney.”

You’ve already invested in a marvelous tool, so why not put it to use? Don’t let your efforts go to waste. March into your boss’ office with these five great ideas and let us know what you decided to do.

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