Feature Post on JurisPage from our own Statton Hammock

JurisPage, a business that serves the legal community through website design, online marketing, and SEO services, recently featured a guest blog post from Rightside’s VP of Legal and Business Affairs, Statton Hammock.

In the piece, Hammock discusses “a new tool available for lawyers that may improve their ranking in search results – new specific top level domain names, .ATTORNEY and .LAWYER.”

Beyond the potential SEO boost, Hammock says, “from a traditional advertising and marketing perspective, imagine signs on commuter buses, billboards, or in subway stations that advertise legal services that direct consumers to visit www.newyorkdivorce.lawyer or www.seattlehumanrights.attorney. More meaningful, more memorable, more impactful.”

Read the full post on these new branding and marketing tools for legal pros at http://rightside.rocks/lawatt

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