The DPML upgrade: better brand protection

Our Domain Protected Marks List (DPML) product has been the best way for brands to protect and enhance their trademarks on all of our TLDs. Brands looking to protect their trademarks from cybersquatters—and eventually put their protected domains to use—have a lot to like about our portfolio. On April 17th, 2017, we’re set to roll out a major upgrade to DPML that will make it easy to protect hundreds of domains with a single subscription.

What’s new in this upgraded DPML?

  • Expanded Protection – Brands can now use DPML Variants to block up to ten phrases that are confusingly similar to their trademarks in over 200 supported IDN languages
  • Premium Domains – Premium domains will now be covered by each DPML and its Variants
  • DPML Override – If brands ever want to activate one or more of the domains covered by DPML, they can do so without additional override fees

With each primary trademark and its 10 Variants covered on all 40 of our TLDs, brands can effectively protect up to 440 domain names with a single DPML subscription.

Everything else that has made our DPML great is still included:

  • Broad Coverage – Trademark holders can block exact-match or contains-match domain names on all of our TLDs
  • Trademark Drop Catching – Regain access to expired or suspended domains containing the trademark
  • Flexible Terms – Subscribe to a DPML period of anywhere between one and ten years

Our TLDs set up incredibly well for brands looking to enhance their marketing and consumer engagement. Extensions like .NEWS, .SOCIAL, .SALE, and others make for memorable, relevant calls to action. But for many companies, brand protection will be the logical first step. Our upgraded DPML is an easy, economical solution to cover hundreds of domains at once.

Read more about DPML, including an extended FAQ, on our DPML homepage.

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