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Live streamer Claudia Santiago (www.claudiasantiago.live) discusses the importance of a healthy work-life balance, the value of community, and how .LIVE has helped her connect with her audience in this week’s My Side of the Dot™.

Where are you based?
I am currently based in Calgary, Alberta, and recently moved from the Vancouver region, Canada. I travel a lot, so I livestream wherever I am.

How did you first get into livestreaming?
I have years of experience on the live stage and I always would grab my little camera and video the audience in short clips while on stage and then place it on my website so they could see it. Also, being a live performer, often there was media there filming/livestreaming me performing live so it’s not new to me. I had been doing webinars for my virtual stage but somehow, that wasn’t the fullness of what I was envisioning as there wasn’t as much audience engagement and limited technically with connecting with a livestream community as a whole.

I got into livestreaming when I saw on Twitter the most unique thing—a lawyer, who was talking about protecting ourselves on social media. It was intriguing to me and I clicked on it. I then realized that this lawyer was doing a livestream and it made my head tilt in amazement as I then realized he was live. I then clicked on another link and found that this same lawyer was on something called Periscope and saw him livestreaming early morning sunrise at a beach in California. I wondered “what lawyer does this? He seems to know tech, social, marketing … crazy!!!” I found that he did a regular show called TheShow.Live and his site was www.streaming.lawyer; I just loved it! The domain names on the right side of the dot! His name is Mitch Jackson. I followed him on streaming to learn and glean from the unique thing he was doing, truly connecting with his audience and bringing so much value!

I quickly got myself the www.ClaudiaSantiago.Live domain and set up my shows which have been long on my heart, but didn’t have the platform with which to do them and the .LIVE domain was my key.

What attracted you to livestreaming?
I am very relational. So when I am on a live stage, I always seek ways to continue building relationships and engagement with my audience and providing them value and friendship. So the livestream stage helps me do that and also helps empower them as they ask me how I do this.

Mitch modeled to me being real in different settings and how to bring both the personal brand as well as business brand together; this to me is empowering and I felt that if I could learn this, I could also help others see the value of livestreaming so they could deepen the relationships with their current clients as well as draw in new leads and connect with a livestreaming community!

How often do you host/participate in shows?
I host shows almost every day of the week. I also livestream on FB Live and Periscope almost daily outside of my shows to further engage directly with my audience.

I participate in others shows regularly as their special guest upon invitation and love it!

I also join in the audience daily on my friends’ shows to support them, engage in the community, and also glean from them and their guests.

What is the focus and theme of your livestreams?
Here are the recent domains we purchased and are directing them to target the specific audience: Viva-La-Vida! Success audiences at www.ClaudiaSantiago.Live.

And this is my weekly schedule (varying times):
Monday: Revive Live Health, www.ReviveLiveHealth.Live
Tuesday: Empower Stragegic (business/leadership/entrepreneurship), www.EmpowerStrategic.Live
Wednesday: Bella Vida! Women Empower (women in leadership), www.BellaVidaWomen.Live
Thursday: Viva-La-Stage! (public figures/performers/speakers/authors/musicians/producer), www.VivaLaStage.Live
Friday/Saturday: We mix it up featuring different shows each week, including:
Mi Casa Es Tu Casa Vida! Design (home, life, relationships, organizing, family), www.MiCasaEsTuCasaLife.Live
Viva-La-Creatives! (fine artists, designers, painting etc.), www.VivaLaCreatives.Live
Bella Vida! Life (travel, holidays), www.BellaVidaLife.Live
Critical Edge Men (men in leadership), www.CriticalEdge.Live

Coming soon:
Viva! Little Haley and Friends (children’s show), www.VivaLittleHaley.Live
HGTA Legacy (55+ Legacy builders), www.HGTALegacy.Live

What types of guests do you look for?
Integrity and character. I am exposing my audience to people and businesses and I highly value those that are mature, fun, and bring value to my audience.

Value what I value: I won’t let people be my guest if I feel all they want to do is sell on my stage or others shows uninvited. I value relationship, so they need to value the audience. Also, if I see that they livestream while driving as I believe this will then also go against my values of valuing LIFE! I’m looking for guests that value significance and legacy in their lives and businesses.

Entrepreneurs that are experts in their field and are livestreaming and on social media, for specific shows as noted above.

What are some of your favorite shows you’ve done and why?
That’s a hard one as each of my shows has a different flavor and I am a girl that likes change and celebrating different aspects of life and business.

Empower Strategic. If I could highlight one, it would have been the one with Mitch, Marc, and Victoria. I just loved having integrity, friends, mentors, and their powerhouse vision/convo and fun all in one place, regardless of time difference (Victoria is in the UK).

Viva-La-Stage! Is unique as well as we bring in lights/music etc.

Bella Vida! Women Empower, sometimes you’ll see me doing makeup.

Viva-La-Creatives! I enjoy painting live with other artists.

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa. Cooking live is fun!

Revive Live. love bringing people on my walks and workouts and health talk.

What is your goal as a livestreamer?
To connect with my audience—to celebrate, connect, equip, and empower for a life and career of significance and legacy success!

Development with practical insights in what I call my Vida Vision Keys and 5 Pillars of Success:

  • Business
  • Talent
  • Personal
  • Spiritual
  • Community

So they get to see that they are not alone and that we are all a tribe and in this thing called LIFE=VIDA!

For entrepreneurs—that they would know and celebrate balance in their lives, enjoy relationships and home life as well as rockin’ the business world! I’ve seen too many in the entertainment industry and in business trash their lives, broken marriages and home life because they didn’t bring balance in their lives. True significance and legacy is success! That can only be achieved when we don’t ignore the fact that we are human and we need each other and community

When we have live events as a Viva-La-Vida! Success community, that they already have been building relationships through our shows.

Why did you choose a .LIVE site vs the traditional .COM?
I have a .COM (www.ClaudiaSantiago.com) and have had it as my main website for many years. But I have for some time wanted to branch out my Viva-La-Vida! Success vision and implement the live shows online, so .LIVE was a perfect answer to this! I believe it is a strategic move and am also looking at your other right side of the dot domains.

With our business VPGI Enterprises we are consulting our clients to do the same and get on livestreaming! It is a very profitable and strategic move for them as well.

Have you gotten any reactions to your .LIVE domain?
Yes! Everyone loves it. They see it as cutting edge and all that is there brings much value and connection. Our clients have also seen it as something strategic and want to implement their in their program and systems.

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