Millions are streaming and it’s not just for fun and games

Just as the internet revolution dominated the ‘90s and mobile advancements were the belle of the ball in the decade that followed, live streaming has emerged as the headline-making technology of recent years—perfectly timed to coincide with the release of the .LIVE new domain extension. As indicators of the exponential growth of this industry in recent years, more than 10 million users are now broadcasting on Periscope, 2 million active users on Meerkat, YouNow boasts 100 million user sessions each month, and Twitch has 1.7 million monthly active users.

And celebrities have clambered aboard the fresher-than-fresh live streaming train as well, with Madonna debuting a new music video on Meerkat and both Jimmy Fallon and Ryan Seacrest using Periscope accounts. Well-known brands including Adidas, Mountain Dew, DKNY, and Spotify are leveraging the upswing in live streaming by promoting their brand and messaging across these channels.

New Streaming Entrepreneurs—profiting from sharing their lives and talents

Live streaming is giving rise to a new type of entrepreneur: the digital entrepreneur. Many live streamers maintain a separate career, but an increasing number are monetizing their live streaming efforts, either through subscription share models, digital tipping, or sponsorships. One streaming app called YouNow utilizes a system in which users pay one another. According to YouNow, last year users paid one another between $1.5 and $2 million through a process called digital tipping. The app keeps about 30 percent of these profits.

And the other live streaming programs have their own models for obtaining profit. According to Superdata Research, 44% of Twitch’s live streaming fans pay for a subscription and more than half donate almost $5 per month to content creators, enabling the top streamers to earn upwards of $30,000 from these subscriptions and donations.

According to live streamer Jeffery Shih, known online as “Trump,” many of the industry’s top streamers make more than $100,000 live streaming and an additional $200,000 per year factoring sponsorships and guest appearances into the mix.

.LIVE: the perfect marketing tool

And many of these live streamers have already embraced .LIVE as the perfect complement to their live streaming profile. For example, Joe Rogan—former Fear Factor host and current online persona—has a live streaming presence on YouTube. To help him brand and market that presence, he registered and pointed it to his YouTube live streaming presence.

Alex Pettitt is No 1 in the UK and Europe and No 3 in the world on Periscope’s “Most Loved” list. Alex recently registered as a redirect to his Periscope page, creating a more memorable and personalized option than

Alex Pettitt live streams and uses .LIVE.
Alex Pettitt uses a .LIVE domain extension to redirect to his live streaming account.

There are so many of these fantastic use cases that we set up a Tumblr page at to track and share them.

Of course, many of these early adopters have a lot to say about their new domains as well, which is why we’ve started a weekly live stream Blab session Tuesdays at 2 p.m. PST at Each week, industry leaders and early adopters will discuss how new domain extensions fit within the broader narrative of their brand and messaging, enabling the millions of people who regularly engage with live streaming to learn more about new domain extensions and experience them in action.

Ryan Bell, the founder of the Periscope Summit which took place in San Francisco registered as the official Periscope Summit website in addition to registering as his personal website.

“We made the switch to during the Periscope Community Summit in January because we believe it can make us bigger and tell our story in fewer letters,” said Bell. “The new .LIVE domain offers an untapped online landscape for new media and there is so much available. I immediately saw .LIVE as the new property for the Periscope movement. I feel like we’re hitting the Oregon Trail and we’re excited as hell.”

Fellow live streamer Mitch Jackson is utilizing for his weekly live streaming show. Periscoper Lisa Sansouci likes to sing in her closet and earned herself a significant social media following. She also happens to be an early .LIVE adopter, utilizing to redirect to her Periscope page. She took some time to discuss her unusual passion and success in a video posted to the Rightside YouTube channel (

We’re offering our channel partners the opportunity to climb aboard the rapidly accelerating .LIVE train through our YourName campaign featuring promotions for a handful of Rightside domain extensions including .LIVE. For more information about the YourName campaign please contact

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